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Our Summer Haven

Chris Frazier

Jun 7, 2010
To the Editor:
We’re long time subscribers, love catching up on all the Island events and happenings. My husband and I have been frequent (every one or two years) visitors to Mackinac Island since we were 18 or 19 years old. We’re now in our mid-50s and our love of the Island and people has grown along with us. It truly is our most favorite place.
My husband usually gives me the “gift” of a trip to Mackinac for Christmas and presents me with the Seasons of Mackinac calendar, complete with a count-down of every day until we leave for our trip. That can sometimes be 178 days of waiting. But as the time goes by and the number of days counts down, we get more and more excited about the visit. As of today (June 7) we have 21 days left till we’ll be there. Can’t wait!
I’ve enclosed a poem I wrote about things we love about Mackinac. I could’ve gone on for pages. If you ever have the space, I’d love to see it in an issue of the Town Crier - my favorite newspaper, about my favorite place.
Thanks for the wonderful publication. It helps us during the long times between visits.
Chris Frazier
Schaumburg, Illinois
Our Summer Haven
Ten o’clock sunsets, ferry’s sailing by,
Round Island’s light to guide.
Grand Hotel so majestic, serene
The epitome of elegance, genteel quality.
An affection for confection
Known as Mackinac fudge,
Mighty Mac ever present,
Looming large, will never budge.
The sounds of horses all times of day
Clip-clopping as they make their way
Around the island - follow M-185
Discover the natural beauty, shoreline, and wildlife.
Arch Rock is a wonder to see, Sugar Loaf and Devils Kitchen, too,
Fort Holmes the highest point, a breathtaking view.
Eight miles worth of beautiful sights,
people enjoying carriages, bicycles, strolling the boardwalk, flying kites.
Fort Mackinac, Marquette Park, and Great Turtle always draw a crowd.
Make your way into town for the most eclectic shops around.
The Butterfly House is a must-see,
The stately cottages, the feeling of so much history.
Ste. Anne’s Church to light a candle or two along with a prayer,
Having coffee on the porch, just breathing in the air.
The scent of lilac and geranium perfume the cool breeze,
And suddenly your heart is captive, you never want to leave!
These things and much more
We’ll never tire of
For us, Mackinac is magic, unique, and charming,
A place we truly love.

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I really enjoyed both the

I really enjoyed both the letter and poem. They really captured my recent first, but not last, visit to the magical island.