2005-05-13 / People

Veterinarian Mary Alban Resumes Summer Visits

As the summer season returns, preventative medicine and care for animals can keep them healthy through the season, said veterinarian Mary Alban, who will be resuming her visits to the Island this summer. She will hold office hours on alternating Thursday mornings beginning in late May and appointments can be made through her office in St. Ignace.

Dr. Alban recommends four ways to keep animals healthy over the summer. Keep vaccinations up to date, protect against heartworm in dogs, and provide good food and plenty of water.

“We need to prevent the kinds of diseases we know are preventable,” she said.

West Nile is always a risk for horses on the Island, she said, and they need to be vaccinated. The vaccine is only good for one year, so horses that received a booster shot last year need another.

Rabies is another annual concern, especially because of the large bat population on the Island. Horses, dogs, and cats should be vaccinated to prevent possible exposure to the disease.

“Rabies is harbored in the wild animal population,” said Dr. Alban, “so that can pop up at any time.”

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