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News About People On Mackinac Island

By Jeannette Doud

Today is a beautiful May day on Mackinac ,with warm sunshine, radiant blue skies, and floating white clouds. It is the season of awakening and promise when we begin to see and enjoy the miracle of abundant growth and natural beauty. Wildflowers in our wooded areas are peaking their wee heads above ground after their long winter nap. Mother Nature has waved her magic wand once again. There will be tiny daisies, lilies of the valley, flowering purple myrtle, and mayflowers in a variety of colors spreading their fragrance, and trilliums, and lady slippers blanketing the area. Trees and shrubs are budding while birds are singing their joyful tunes. It’s springtime on Mackinac.

At Grand Hotel, thousands of cup-shaped red and yellow tulips are beginning to burst into bloom, just in time to welcome the many guests to the beautiful hotel. On the hillside, near the Jockey Club, are a host of golden daffodils and white narcissus, so very picturesque and lovely. Many ladies can be seen walking up Cadotte Avenue as a large convention of Win-Some Women are in session at the hotel Tuesday, May 17, through Thursday, May 19. Next Thursday, the hotel will welcome the Knights of Columbus convention, with members dressed in colorful capes and plumed hats.

Riding toward Mission Point Resort, you will see a beautiful sight. Thousands of tulips in a variety of colors are in full bloom. It’s truly breathtaking.

We’re deeply saddened to learn of the death of prominent summer cottager of the East Bluff, The Honorable Michael Hegarty of Brighton and Mackinac Island, who died at his home Wednesday, May 11. He and his wife, Jane, spent many happy summers on Mackinac, which they enjoyed immensely as their cottage has a magnificent view of the Straits of Mackinac. I would like to remember Judge Hegarty as a frequent visitor at my Windermere Import Shop on Main Street, where he would purchase Waterford crystal for his wife and have a great conversation about Mackinac and his Irish heritage. Island friends join in sending deepest sympathy to the Hegarty family.

Alice Myron of Port Huron and Mackinac has been ill and her many friends on Mackinac send her special greetings. Alice spends each summer at her cottage on the East Bluff and is a tremendous help at the annual August auction to benefit the Mackinac Island Medical Center. We’re thinking of you, Alice, and look forward to seeing you over Memorial Day.

On Saturday, May 14, a very beautiful wedding ceremony was held at Ste. Anne’s Church at 2 p.m. uniting Patricia Bynoe and Brian Schoenborn in marriage, with Father Jim Williams as celebrant. Family and friends gathered at the historic church to join Patty and Brian on their very special day. A complete account of the wedding will be published later. Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple.

Randy and Katie McKay and family of Chassell attended the wedding of Katie’s sister, Patty. Katie was her sister’s matron of honor. Randy’s parents, the Hugh McKays, came from Toronto for the wedding.

Soon we will hear the bell at Little Stone Church announcing the Sunday service as the Reverend Vincent and Molly Carroll arrived Wednesday, May 18, for the summer, coming from their winter home in Florida. They’re comfortably settled in the vicarage on Cadotte Avenue. Welcome home to Mackinac.

Great to see Vic Callewaert back at his Island home looking fine and doing well after his knee surgery. He gets around on his Amigo.

H & D Road Company of Petoskey did a fine job laying a new stretch of pavement from Mahoney Avenue to Market Street. This is a great improvement.

Barbara and Brian Hellis of Northville are enjoying their cottage on Market Street. They attended the Bynoe-Schoenborn wedding Saturday, May 14.

Dr. and Mrs. Francis Straus of Chicago were enjoying their Hubbard Annex cottage this past weekend. Lorna attended the Mackinac Island Community Foundation meeting Saturday, May 14.

Wendy and Mike Young were at their West Bluff cottage enjoying their first visit of the spring. While on the Island, Mike attended the Mackinac Island Community Foundation meeting.

Praise, and more praise to our wonderful Mackinac Island Medical Center, dedicated staff, EMTs, and police and fire departments. It was an extremely busy weekend and we appreciate the team work of all the departments. A special thanks to everyone who worked diligently to make our medical center a reality.

Happy birthday to Ronda McGreevy May 19. Have a great day.

Warmest wishes to Sharron Lasley of St. Ignace, who recently retired from her position with the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians at the Lambert Center in St. Ignace. Sharron was very kind to the residents of Mackinac Island. May you enjoy many years of good health and happiness. Come over and visit your Island friends.

Joe Maciejewski will celebrate his birthday May 24. Have a good day, Joe.

Grace and David Armour of Grove City, Pennsylvania, were seen Sunday morning greeting Island friends and visiting family members.

The bright yellow dandelions are decorating the lawns, a sure sign of spring and warmer temperatures.

The Mackinac Island Police Department bicycle auction will be Saturday, May 28, at 9 a.m. in the Community Hall courtyard.

Eileen McIntyre Hruska will have a birthday May 26. We look forward to seeing you on Mackinac this summer.

Lindsay Allen, daughter of Karen and a student at the University of Michigan, is home for the summer. Lindsay is employed at the Pink Pony.

Happy birthday to Kim Kolatski and Jim Horn May 26. Have a good day.

Congratulations to Marvin Lee May, son of Christy and Marvin, and a December 2004 graduate of the University of Michigan, has been hired as a graphic art designer in the housing department at the University of Michigan. He attended the Bynoe-Schoenborn wedding Saturday, May 14.

A very happy birthday May 23 to Kay Hoppenrath, clinic coordinator at the Mackinac Island Medical Center. Kay, I hope your day is special. Happy that you had fun shopping in Petoskey.

Larry and Kay Berke of De Kalb, Illinois, are back on Mackinac at their cottage, Tamarack, with a beautiful view of the Straits of Mackinac.

Happy birthday to Brian Horn May 27. I hope your day is special.

Dorothy Dehring and Ellen Putnam have retired from their positions with the City of Mackinac Island. Dorothy was city treasurer for 12 years and Ellen was alderperson for nine years. They were both very dedicated and did an excellent job serving the residents of Mackinac. Both of you deserve much rest and relaxation. Have a great summer.

A very special lady will celebrate her 93rd birthday May 27, Camille Falcony, mother of Camille Bobinsky. She lives with her daughter and son-in-law, Marc, in Harrisonville. I often see her walking to town and to Ste. Anne’s and enjoying a trip to the library. Happy birthday from all your Island friends.

Keith Leverton, porter at the Iroquois Hotel, will celebrate his birthday May 29. All your Island friends send birthday greetings to you and hope to see you on Mackinac soon.

A very proud Island father and mother are Brenda and Jim Pettit. Jim stopped by to give me news about their daughter, Roxanne, who is a student at Grand Valley State University and made the dean’s list. Roxanne is home for the summer and working two jobs to earn money for her sophomore year. She is a very fine young lady and we congratulate her on this great achievement.

Marlee Brown Musser hosted a reception at her art gallery at Grand Hotel Sunday, May 15, honoring the art students of Mackinac Island Public School and their teacher, Cynthia Ivey Abitz, to view and celebrate their art.

Tom and Kathy Lewand vacationed at their East Bluff cottage over the weekend. Their daughter, Kristi, and her husband, Alex Graham, are at their home at Trillium Heights. Alex is the music director for Grand Hotel.

The Windermere Hotel opened for the 2005 season Thursday, May 12, and hosted many family members and friends of Brian Schoenborn.

Nice to see Jill Sawatzki back on her favorite Island, where she is employed at The Island Bookstore.

Jennifer, David, and Lucas Karhoff of Findlay, Ohio, had a great time at the Bynoe-Schoenborn wedding and were having fun dancing in the Grand Pavilion at the reception. A happy belated birthday to Jennifer May 16. We look forward to seeing you back on Mackinac soon.

Doug and Carol Rearick spent the weekend at their lakeshore home. Carol attended the Mackinac Island Community Foundation meeting Saturday, May 14. It’s so nice to have another light in our neighborhood and to see them at the Bynoe-Schoenborn wedding.

Gracie and Donnie Francis have returned to Mackinac from their Florida home. They’re settled in their home at the Mission.

Dr. Mary Alban, veterinarian from St. Ignace, paid the Island a visit on Sunday. In the near future, Dr. Alban will be holding office hours on the Island for the animals.

Many beautiful horses were brought over to the Island for Mackinac Island Carriage Tours this week. They’re healthy, frisky, and ready for a summer on Mackinac.

We give a warm welcome to Father Rey Garcia, S.J., who will be assisting Father Jim at Ste. Anne’s. If you meet Father Ray along the way, introduce yourself. Brother Jim Boynton, S.J. will join Father Ray in mid-June.

Have you seen the nice black and white team that are hitched to Dale Gough’s hourly carriage? They’re well paired and very attractive.

Nina and Bart Huthwaite of Punta Gorda, Florida, arrived at their Wildwood Cottage in Woodbluff just in time to attend the Bynoe-Schoenborn wedding.

Greetings to Willie Doud of St. Ignace. We hope that you’re feeling much better.

Sherry Rayha of Cheboygan and Kitty and Mary Beth Schadel of Buffalo and Arcade, New York, attended the Bynoe-Schoenborn wedding. They spent the night at the Windermere and enjoyed the dinner and reception at Grand Hotel.

The John Huibregstes of Oostburg, Wisconsin, are vacationing at their cottage at Trillium Heights.

Randy and Michelle Stuck have returned to their cottage on the West Bluff. Nice to have you back on Mackinac.

Mike, Jennifer, and Owen James Powell of St. Ignace visited Island friends this past week. Great to see how big and strong little Owen has grown.

Headley, Garfield, Clive, and Steadley were the group of Jamaicans who came to the Island in late February and opened the Jockey Club. Never seeing snow in their country, they saw plenty on Mackinac and enjoyed every bit of their first winter season. Dr. Don Weersing gave them a ride all over the frozen Straits in his airplane and they even crossed the ice on snowmobiles. The early opening of the Jockey Club brought great joy to Island residents. The food was delicious and the service was the greatest.

A bright new Old Glory flag will be proudly waving from the flag pole at Great Turtle Park, which Margaret and I donated in memory of the late Mark Gallagher, one of Mackinac’s fine young men who passed away several years ago. A great loss, especially for our young folks.

The birds are truly enjoying our feeders. Six little bright yellow finches are excited over the thistle food. Mother Robin, for the second year in a row, is happily building her nest high atop the Windermere fire escape. Our big duck family continues to come each day to feast on cracked corn.

Out-of-town guests attending the Bynoe-Schoenborn wedding were Dr. and Mrs. John Stephenson from St. Ignace and Andrew Doud from Detroit.

Happy springtime!

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