2005-05-20 / News

City Grants 15 New Bicycle Licenses, Denies Others

By Ryan Schlehuber

Mackinac Island resident Jimmy Fisher, the new owner of Mackinac Wheels bicycle rental and repair shop, was granted 15 new rental bicycle licenses by the city council at its regular meeting Wednesday, April 13. The new licenses raised the city’s rental licenses from 1,300 to 1,315.

Council turned down requests from Mackinac Island Bicycle Shop, Ryba’s Bike Rental, and Orr Kids Bikes Rental for additional bicycle licenses for their established rental outlets and also turned down a request from Harbour View Inn for 10 new licenses that could be used for their guests.

Council initially was split on the issue of raising the bicycle license limit to accommodate both Mackinac Wheels and Harbour View Inn.

Aldermen Michael Hart, Armand “Smi” Horn, and Dan Wightman voted against raising the limit from 1,300 to 1,325, saying the city needs to keep the number of bicycles on the Island as low as possible. Aldermen Frank Bloswick, Jason St. Onge, and Ellen Putnam voted for the additional licenses. Mayor Margaret Doud, who would normally break a tie vote, was absent.

In a second vote, Council voted unanimously to grant Mr. Fisher his 15 licenses, arguing that his business depends solely on the bicycle operation while Harbour View Inn is only seeking to add another amenity to its hotel operation.

Mr. Fisher purchased the building next to the Straits Dock formerly owned by Richard Coates, who has moved his bicycle business to Lake View Hotel.

The city charges $20 for commercial bicycle licenses.

The 1,315 bicycle licenses issued for 2005 were distributed to the following businesses, with the number for each in parentheses:

Island Bicycle Livery (300), Iroquois Hotel (100), Ryba Bike Rental (395), Orr Kids Bike Rental (100), Lakeside Bikes (100), Mission Point Resort (100), Grand Hotel (100), LaChance Cottage (35), Small Point Bed & Breakfast (20), Island Bike Shop (25), Inn at Stonecliffe (25), Mackinac Wheels (15).

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