2005-05-20 / News

Mid-Summer Answer Expected on Ryba Property Tax Appeal

The decision on a property tax appeal by Ryba Properties to the Michigan Tax Tribunal may not be known until mid-summer. The company, in 2003, appealed its assessments on three parcels on Mackinac Island, Orphan’s Corner Mall near the Star Line dock, Memory Lane Mall, and an employee housing and fudge shop building next to the Big Store. Those three properties were transferred to Ryba Properties from the late Harry Ryba.

Ryba Properties is claiming the new tax assessments after transfer of property were too high.

A hearing in Lansing lasted for three days, from April 19 to April 22, with city assessor, Joe Stakoe, on the stand for eight hours.

If Ryba Properties prevails, said Mr. Stakoe, it could compromise the assessment role for the whole Island, but he could not speculate about how that might affect property taxes.

The Michigan Tax Tribunal is an administrative court that hears appeals relating to local property tax matters, and individual and business tax matters involving taxes enforced by the Michigan Department of Treasury, such as income tax, single business tax, and sales and use taxes.

Seven Tribunal members represent a cross-section of tax disciplines, such as attorneys, certified public accountants, assessors, and appraisers.

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