2005-05-20 / People

Resident Doctor at Mackinac Island Medical Center

Dr. Mark Sumers
Dr. Mark Sumers Name: Mark Sumers, M.D., D.P.

Hometown: Orange County, California

Island rotation dates: May 1 through May 15

About Dr. Sumers:

Dr. Sumers is a family medicine resident at Oakwood Annapolis Hospital in Dearborn. Originally from Southern California, he has spent the past three years in Michigan. Before coming to Michigan, Dr. Sumers was a podiatrist in California for 13 years. He then went back to medical school in Costa Rica. He spent his senior year of medical school traveling to teaching hospitals around the country, including hospitals in Hawaii, Arizona, Florida, and New York.

Dr. Sumers describes himself as a leader and said that, for him, medicine has always been about helping people. He said he knew that he wanted to be a doctor since he was a child.

In February, Dr. Sumers had the unique opportunity to care for the relief workers in Phuket Island, Thailand, a tourist area hit hard by the Southeast Asian tsunami.

When Dr. Sumers finishes his rotation here on the Island, he hopes to go back to the Southwest and hopes to settle in either Arizona or Hawaii, where he already has a license to practice medicine.

This is Dr. Sumers’ first time on the Island and he was excited to see the Island wake up from its winter and he is glad get to see the Island before tourist season is in full swing.

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