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Lilac Queen’s Court To Assist With Festival Activities

By Yiping Qian

Lilac Princess Shelbie Mosley (front row, from left), Lilac Queen Blisse Beardsley, Kristi Kamphuis, and Emily St. Onge; (back) Karlena Mosley and Christina McLean. 
Lilac Princess Shelbie Mosley (front row, from left), Lilac Queen Blisse Beardsley, Kristi Kamphuis, and Emily St. Onge; (back) Karlena Mosley and Christina McLean.

  • High school senior Blisse Beardsley was voted the Island’s 56th annual Lilac Queen at a school election Tuesday, May 3, and seventh grader Shelbie Mosley’s name was drawn to become this year’s Lilac Princess. Serving on the Queen’s Court this year will be high school students Kristi Kamphuis, Christina McLean, Karlena Mosley, and Emily St. Onge.
  • Candace Smith, who was named Volunteer of the Year and Mackinac Island’s Snow Queen for 2005, will again coordinate the Lilac Court’s schedule of activities for the Lilac Festival. Traditionally, two past Lilac Queens help run the election and count the ballots. This year, Ms. Smith appointed her daughter, Vanessa Smith, who was the 41st Festival Lilac Queen, and the Island’s first Lilac Queen, Sue Chambers, to organize the election.

    The Lilac Queen is selected by her peers from grades eight through 12.

    Miss Beardsley is an 18-year-old senior who enjoys volleyball and soccer. Her mother is Theresa Butler and her favorite Lilac Festival event is the parade. This summer, she will work at JoAnn’s Fudge, then attend the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where she wants to study science.

    The Lilac Princess is chosen in a drawing from among all the girls from kindergarten through seventh grade who are interested in becoming the Princess. Teacher Laura Eiseler organized the drawing this year.

    Shelbie Mosley, 13, is the daughter of Louann and Ben Mosley. Her mother was Queen in 1986 and her older sister, Karlena, a member of this year’s court, was Princess in 2000. Her cousin, Kyra Kolatski, was Princess in 2003.

    Shelbie will be spending the summer baby-sitting and camping with her family in Gaylord. Her favorite Lilac Festival event is the parade, because, she said, “it is fun and nice to watch.”

    Fifteen-year-old Kristi Kamphuis lists volleyball as one of her favorite activities. She is the daughter of Kirk Kamphius and Karen and Don Weersing. She also enjoys the Lilac Festival parade and plans to work this summer.

    Christina McLean, the daughter of Laurie McLean and Gary McLean, is a junior in high school. Her favorite hobby is horseback riding, and her favorite Lilac Festival event is the parade because “it is fun to watch or ride in, whether on a float or on a horse.” Her plans for the summer include working at Cindy’s Riding Stable.

    Volleyball and soccer are two activities 15-year-old Karlena Mosley enjoys during her spare time. She enjoys all the events at the festival because they are “colorful and fun.” She will work this summer at Doud Mercantile.

    Emily St. Onge, a junior, is daughter of Anne St. Onge and John St. Onge. Playing volleyball and horseback riding are two of her hobbies and her favorite event at the festival is the parade, because she has “ridden a horse in it three times and it is entertaining to watch.” She plans to find a job this summer.

    Mrs. Smith says that since the Lilac Queen has had lighter responsibilities through the years, she wants to begin focusing more on the 2005 Lilac Queen’s duties.

    Jennifer Wightman, the 2004 Lilac Queen, performed one of her last official duties during the opening of Fort Mackinac Friday, May 6. On Friday, June 10, she will join Mayor Margaret Doud at this year’s Lilac Festival opening ceremonies at Marquette Park and crown Miss Beardsley as the Lilac Queen and Miss Mosley as the Lilac Princess.

    Additional responsibilities of the Queen include greeting patrons at the popular Taste of Mackinac lunch, to be held this year at Harbour View Inn on Thursday, June 16, and appearing in the Grand Parade Sunday, June 19. The Lilac Queen also crowns the Snow Queen in February and joins in fundraising activities, such as the Daisy Day fundraiser for the Stella King Scholarship, which is awarded to graduating seniors.

    Duties of the Lilac Princess include attending the coronation and joining the Lilac Queen in the Taste of Mackinac lunch and parade.

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