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City Council Appointments Filled May 25

Meeting Wednesday, May 25, the Mackinac Island City Council approved Smi Horn as Mayor Pro Tempore, while Mayor Margaret Doud made the following city appointments:

Public Safety: Smi Horn, Jason St. Onge, and Mike Hart.

Ordinances and Licenses: Mike Hart, Dan Wightman, and Smi Horn.

Finance, Claims, Taxes, and Insurance: Mike Hart, Jason St. Onge, and Smi Horn.

Airport and Transportation: Dan Wightman, Franc Bloswick, and Armin Porter.

Medical, Fly Control, and Public Health: Jason St. Onge, Mike Hart, and Armin Porter.

Lighting, Public Grounds, and Buildings: Smi Horn, Armin Porter, and Franc Bloswick.

New City/Fire Hall, Housing: Franc Bloswick, Jason St. Onge, and Dan Wightman.

Streets/Sidewalks: Smi Horn, Jason St. Onge, and Mike Hart.

Compost/Solid Waste: Franc Bloswick, Dan Wightman, and Armin Porter.

Chamber of Commerce/Island Activities, Lilac Day/Fourth of July: Armin Porter, Dan Wightman, and Frank Bloswick.

Librarian: Anne St. Onge.

City Foreman: Calvin Horn.

Mayor’s Assistant: Kelly Bean.

City Marshall: William Lenaghan.

City Attorney: Tom Evashevski.

Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator: Dennis Dombroski.

Fire Chief: Dennis Bradley.

Assistant Chief: Mike Bradley, who was a second lieutenant.

Captain: Dan Wightman.

Lieutenant: Armin Porter.

Cemetery Board: Armand Horn for five years, Esther Wightman for four years, Clayton Timmons for three years, Ed Chambers for two years, and Dale Gallagher for one year.

Board of Public Works: C. Ronald Dufina for five years, Barry BeDour for four years, Vic Callewaert for three years, R.D. Musser Jr., for two years, and James Pettit for one year.

Planning Commission for three years each: Kathleen Hoppenrath, Mary McCourt-Dufina, and Robert Brown. For two years each: Margaret Horn, Ed Chambers, and Bruce Lapine. One year each: Lee Finkel, Rosemary Lounsbury, and Franc Doud.

Library Board: Amelia Musser for five years, Clayton Timmons for four years, Margaret McIntire for three years, Kathy Wightman for two years, and Kathleen Hoppenrath for one year.

Construction Board of Appeals for one year each: James Granger, Gary Urman, and Dean Baker.

Traffic Control Advisory Panel: Robert Brown for five years, Dr. Bill Chambers for four years, Jason St. Onge for three years, Armand Horn for two years, and Frank Bloswick Jr. for one year.

Board of Recreation: Mike Gamble for three years, Mike Hart for two years, Barb Fisher for two years, Paul Wandrie for one year, and Armand Horn for one year.

Mayor’s Advisory Committee: Jodi Chambers, Betty BeDour, Tim Leeper, Clayton Timmons, Franc Doud, Dennis Bradley, Lorna Straus, Kathy Wightman, and Rosemary Lounsbury.

Mackinac Island Building Authority: Secretary Bruce Zimmerman for three years, Treasurer Dennis Bradley Sr. for two years, and Chairman Tom Evashevski for one year.

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