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Work From After-School Art Students a Beautiful Sight

By Leslie Rott

Hailey Bean stands next to her chalk pastel drawing of the piggy bank from the movie, “Toy Story.”
Hailey Bean stands next to her chalk pastel drawing of the piggy bank from the movie, “Toy Story.”

  • After a year of hard work, Pam Finkel’s after-school art students were recognized at a reception at Mackinac Island Public Library Tuesday, May 24. Students who take part in the after-school art program are in grades two through seven.
  • “It’s a wonderful place for the kids to be able to exhibit their artwork,” librarian Anne St. Onge said of holding the show at the library. “We’re so proud of them ... they’re so talented.”

    In a fun and relaxed environment, Mrs. Finkel teaches her students a variety of techniques, from chalk, pastels, and watercolor, to manipulating feathers, sticks, and fabric and creating collages with patterned papers. The class meets October through April for an hour and a half, one day a week.

    Mrs. Finkel, armed with music, carrots, and a treat, and eager students, armed with their imaginations, make the perfect combination, and they all come ready and willing to experience art.

    “It’s really playtime for all of us,” Mrs. Finkel said of her art class. “I make it as fun as possible for them.”

    Since the program is after school and it is voluntary, students who participate really want to be there and really are interested in art, she noted.

    “I like art and it’s a fun way to hang out with your friends and do something after school,” said Mrs. Finkel’s daughter, Jane Finkel, who is in seventh grade.

    In one exercise enjoyed by the students, each child sits in front of an object and starts drawing, while music plays. When the stops, the children get up and move to another object and continue their classmates’ drawings. The exercise allows students the opportunity to draw different things, but it is a collaborative effort in which no one student can take possession of the drawing. Mrs. Finkel said that her students take great enjoyment in the exercise.

    For the art show, each student was able to choose two to four of their pieces which they felt were their best work from the year.

    Art work will be displayed in the library through the month of June.

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