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Looking Back

Compiled by Ryan Schlehuber

Back in the early 1960s, a Borden’s Dairy wagon delivers milk products on Main Street. Jack

Chambers used to operate the business. Visible in the background is Edward’s Gifts, Ryba’s

Fudge Shop, and the Big Store. (Photograph courtesy of Greg Main)

Back in the early 1960s, a Borden’s Dairy wagon delivers milk products on Main Street. Jack Chambers used to operate the business. Visible in the background is Edward’s Gifts, Ryba’s Fudge Shop, and the Big Store. (Photograph courtesy of Greg Main) 115 Years Ago

Saturday, July 26, 1890

The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island has had all the guests it could possibly accommodate for a week past. We are told this is the first time the house has been filled since it was built. The management is giving the very best of satisfaction.

Last Tuesday night a number of “bell hoppers” from the Grand attended the dance at the roller rink, and, while returning to the hotel considerably under the influence of liquor, amused themselves by shoving everyone they met off the sidewalk.

When near the blacksmith shop, on the road to the hotel, they met a soldier named Bouckner, and, mistaken him for another soldier, whom they had had trouble with a short time previous, commenced pounding him with stones, one of which cut quite a severe gash in the side of his head.

If the parties could be identified they would undoubtedly be summarily dealt with. Later, one of the same party was arrested at the Grand for attempting to raise disturbance and landed in the lock-up. The next morning he was brought before Justice Preston and fined $14 and costs. They are a very fresh lot of youths and need taming.

90 Years Ago

Thursday, August 5, 1915

Mackinac Island may have the honor of entertaining President Woodrow Wilson some day this month. He is being strongly urged to be present at the unveiling of the Gen. Cass memorial and given the privilege of naming the date. Judge Connolly of Detroit will present the official invitation to the president.

Among the Grand’s guests for the month are Mr. and Mrs. Borden of New York City. Mr. Borden’s name has become familiar with Island residents by the malt milk bearing it.

50 Years Ago

Thursday, July 28, 1955

The committee board of the Michigan State Ferries met with the civil service commission most of last Thursday night in an effort to reach a workable agreement acceptable to ferry employees to avert a strike. It came up with a $220,000-a-year pay concession; assurance of a governorappointed committee to study employment for ferry workers after the bridge is built; methods of providing “an occasional day off during the season” and a warning that employees involved in a strike would be fired.

Mackinac Island column

–– The advance guard of the storm-battered fleet of 68 boats which sailed from Port Huron in the annual race to Mackinac Island reached the Island at dawn Monday. The Canadian yawl, Ivanhoe, a Class A boat owned by Ray Engholm of Toronto’s Royal Canadian Yacht Club, arrived shortly after 6 a.m. In the next three-and-a-half hours, 10 other boats arrived at the Island, and five more could be sighted approaching the Island.

35 Years Ago

Thursday, July 30, 1970

A dramatic recovery of an 1,800-pound wood stock anchor of undetermined age from an untraced ship was lifted June 25 ingeniously from a depth of 108 feet in Lake Michigan eight miles west of the Mackinac Bridge. The anchor, found by James C. Ryerse, a professional diver, has a nine-foot stock on a nine-foot shaft. The fluke and stock are of hand-forged iron.

Mr. Ryerse found the anchor while on a mission for the Hagen Commercial Fisheries in St. Ignace to retrieve gill nets snagged on some object deep in the lake, on the south bank of Waugoshance Point.

Temperature was 93 degrees here at Mackinac Sunday afternoon, with many of the tourists taking advantage of the Grand Hotel swimming pool. This is the highest temperature we have had at Mackinac in many years. The thousands of tourists that came to enjoy the Island, Sunday, did not seem to mind the heat.

 Men in Service –– Army First Lieutenant Robert J. Parel, 27, son of Mrs. Helen Bazinaw, Mackinac Island, recently assumed command of the 11th Air Defense Signal Battalion’s Headquarters Company near Kaiserlautern, Germany.

15 Years Ago

Thursday, August 2, 1990

Sassy was the first boat to cross the finish line in the annual Chicago-to-Mackinac Island yacht race Sunday, July 29. Sassy finished just before 5:30 p.m. with an elapsed time of 29 hours, seven minutes, and 23 seconds.

A replica of the 1757 English warship H.M.S. Rose sailed past Moran Bay last week and docked at Mackinac Island. The 75-foot, squarerigged ship is from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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