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Letters to the Editor

Gaining a Young Reader

To the Editor:

I just thought you’d like to hear that you have a new reader of your publication. We recently took our eight-year-old grandson with us to the Island for his very first trip. Of course, he loved everything about it and can’t wait for his return visit. Now, he anxiously awaits the weekly arrival of our Town Crier , then reads it from cover to cover. He now thinks he should get his own subscription delivered to his house. I think not...yet.

Of course, he insists I save all my old copies for him. I haven’t yet had the heart to tell him that they won’t be coming weekly all year round.

Thanks for the great job you do, and all the wonderful photos. We’ll be “forever” subscribers.

Paulette Schmidt

Arlington Heights, Illinois

Pets Are Not Like Bikes

To the Editor:

This is in response to the Letter to the Editor that appeared in the July 23 to July 29 issue of the Town Crier.

Northern Americans are animal lovers by nature, their beloved pets can hardly be compared to a bike, “do” or “no do.” I am sorry you feel the way you do about boat charges for your bike, but bringing a bike to Mackinac Island can be like bringing food to a restaurant.

Gloria Mondelli

Mackinac Island

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