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Picturesque, beautiful, and breathtaking are the words best used to describe Mackinac following the biggest storm of the winter season, which was Saturday, February 4, and Sunday, February 5. Strong northwest winds brought a terrific snowstorm, blanketing the Island and making it into a winter wonderland. Visibility was zero, closing the airport. Sunday, late afternoon, the wind subsided and Great Lakes Air was able to resume service.

Snowmobiling around and up through the wooded area is unimaginable. It is truly magnificent. Trees, fences, porches, and lampposts are covered in winter beauty. The pines, cedars, and shrubs are as though they’re covered with white lace. Skiing is at its peak with the trails beautifully groomed. Going east, looking high above the ramparts at old Fort Mackinac, the laden evergreens are a background for the Indian Dormitory and East Bluff area. From the east, one sees the huge snow clouds in which the brilliant yellow beams of the setting sun are intermingled.

Come and enjoy a wonderful evening of music Tuesday, February 14, at 7 p.m. at Ste. Anne’s Church, featuring John Kissane from Mission Point Resort. Refreshments will follow in Ste. Anne’s Hall. There will be a community potluck Sunday, February 12, at 12:30 p.m. at the Community Hall. Please bring a dish to pass and come and enjoy visiting with friends.

Friday, December 9, 2005, Elizabeth Chambers was sworn in to practice law in the State of Michigan. Attorney Patrick Shannon motioned to have Elizabeth admitted before the Honorable Charles H. Stark of the 11th Circuit Court. Elizabeth was graduated magna cum laude from DePaul University College of Law in May 2005. During law school, she successfully competed on DePaul’s National Moot Court Appellate Team, and served as president of DePaul’s Center for Law and Science. She resides on Mackinac Island with her husband, John Chambers. Both are graduates of Michigan State University and Mackinac Island Public School. Elizabeth is the daughter of James and Frances Ball of Mackinac Island. Friday, December 9, 2005, Elizabeth Chambers was sworn in to practice law in the State of Michigan. Attorney Patrick Shannon motioned to have Elizabeth admitted before the Honorable Charles H. Stark of the 11th Circuit Court. Elizabeth was graduated magna cum laude from DePaul University College of Law in May 2005. During law school, she successfully competed on DePaul’s National Moot Court Appellate Team, and served as president of DePaul’s Center for Law and Science. She resides on Mackinac Island with her husband, John Chambers. Both are graduates of Michigan State University and Mackinac Island Public School. Elizabeth is the daughter of James and Frances Ball of Mackinac Island. Friday afternoon, February 3, at 4 p.m. decorated sleds, a bonfire, hot dogs, and s’mores kicked off the 2006 M.I.R.D. Winter Carnival. At 4:30 p.m., Brenda Bunker, Volunteer of the Year, was crowned Snow Queen and given a bouquet and a plaque presented by Mayor Margaret Doud.

The highlight of the crowning was the ride that Queen Brenda and Mayor Doud took in a specially designed and constructed red cutter made by Johnny Ray Gallagher. Johnny Ray pulled the cutter behind his snowmobile as Queen Brenda toured Mackinac, waving to all her friends. A special thanks to Johnny Ray for the wonderful cutter. Congratulations to Brenda on receiving the Volunteer of the Year award.

Returning to the Mackinac Island Public School, everyone got ready for the big volleyball and basketball games between the Mackinac Island Lakers and the Islanders from Beaver Island. The new gymnasium was filled with cheering fans and close games were enjoyed by everyone.

Owing to the big snowstorm of Sunday, February 5, flying was halted. The Beaver Island group was unable to leave until late in the afternoon, when two planes from the Island could make the trip. The group had a great time and they enjoyed being taken to the Mackinac Island Airport by snowmobile.

Saturday, February 4, at Turtle Park, hockey, snow golf, bowling, and many good refreshments thrilled all the participants. A sock hop was held for the young folks, and Mary McGuire entertained at the Village Inn in the evening. Sunday morning, February 5, a delicious brunch was served, which included bright red fresh strawberries, melon, and homemade sweet rolls. A silent auction was held, with items ranging from paintings by local artists to dinner for two at fine restaurants, and the voting on photographs for the next M.I.R.D. calendar. There was such a wide variety, it was hard to make a choice. The Seasons of Mackinac calendar depicts Mackinac in all its glory every month.

Those summer cottagers of the West Bluff who saw a perfect snowy day on Mackinac were Penny and John Barr, Lorna, Dr. Fran, Michael, Melissa, and Arianna Straus, and Bob and Lorraine O’Keefe of Woodbluff. The Paul Alexanders of the East Bluff hosted their second Super Bowl party. All of them enjoyed the winter carnival.

More wonderful news. Friday, February 3, Marlee and Dan Musser III became the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy, Samuel Augustus Maverick Musser, weighing 8 pounds, 10 ounces. He was born at Northern Michigan Hospital in Petoskey. Little Maverick is joined at home by two sisters, Amelia and Matilda, and big brother, Dan Musser IV. Congratulations to the happy family, who now make their winter home in Petoskey. Proud grandparents are Meg and Paul Brown of Ann Arbor and Mackinac and Dan and Amelia Musser of Mackinac.

Happy, happy news we have to report. At 7:32 p.m. Super Bowl Sunday, February 5, at Northern Michigan Hospital in Petoskey, Patty and Brian Schoenborn of Mackinac became the proud parents of a beautiful baby daughter, Lillian Rose. She weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. Proud grandparents are Judy Bynoe and the late Bob Bynoe of Mackinac and Bonnie and Emmett Schoenborn of Grand Rapids. Very proud greatgrandmother is Mrs. Bynoe from Detroit. Congratulations from all your friends on Mackinac. Judy and Jamie Bynoe and Ron and Mary Dufina from Mackinac and Emmet and Bonnie Schoenborn visited the happy family in the hospital.

Happy birthday to Jack Parel of Augusta, Georgia, February 12. Enjoy your day.

Many enjoyed Super Bowl parties in Island homes, Cathy and Chris Szabo, Laurie and Reg Gough, Candy Smith, and a big potluck at the popular Mustang Lounge.

Annie Porter, daughter of Nancy and Armin, has always attended school in Petoskey. Her one desire was to spend a semester at the Mackinac Island Public School. Annie started second semester on the Island and is enjoying her time on Mackinac.

Guests of Jackie and Dennis Bradley over the weekend were their daughter, Doris, and family from Grand Rapids. They enjoyed attending the winter carnival.

Lisa Dziobak will celebrate her birthday February 12. I hope Brooke will help you blow your candles out. Hopefully, Andy is recovering well from his surgery.

The question often asked in the summer months is, “What do we do on Mackinac in the wintertime?” We have lots to do. Euchre Monday nights at the Mustang, bingo Tuesday night, Wednesday, cooking class with Tim Leeper, Thursday is game night at Ste. Anne’s and craft night at the library, Friday evening is for fish fries at the Mustang Lounge and Village Inn, and Saturday night is teen night at Ste. Anne’s. Trinity has movie night, too. There’s something for everyone.

Happy birthday to Karlena Mosley February 13. Have a great day.

Special thanks to City Forman Cub Horn and Robert McGreevy and Bobby Joe Horn of the Mackinac Island State Park crew for keeping the roads in good shape.

Doris LaPine of Mackinaw City will celebrate her birthday February 14. We miss seeing you on Mackinac.

A special thanks to Donna Killips, who is the cook at the Mackinac Island Public School, who takes time out of her busy schedule to train the young girls to become cheerleaders. They do an excellent job and are a thrill to watch at the games.

David Bradley and Shaylee Mosley will celebrate their birthdays February 14. Enjoy your day.

Mark and Trudy Van Solkema of Caledonia spent several days on Mackinac enjoying the ski trails. They’re regular winter visitors.

Lorraine and Bob O’Keefe, summer cottagers of Woodbluff, are very excited. They were on the Island for the winter carnival and told about their show dog boxer named “Keefer.” They just returned from Sarasota and Tampa, Florida, where they attended the A.K.C. Eukanuba National Championship for dogs. Keefer, two years old, was invited to participate in the competition as he ranks 14th in the boxer breed. He was the youngest boxer entered. He is also invited to the Westminister Dog Show in New York next week. We will all be watching for Keefer on television. Good luck from Island friends.

Happy wedding anniversary to Cub and Kitty Horn February 14. Enjoy a special day.

Greetings to Alice Myron of the East Bluff. Hopefully, each day finds you feeling better. We passed your cottage, where the scenery was very beautiful. We think of you often and look forward to seeing you in the spring.

Dr. Fran and Lorna Straus returned to Chicago Wednesday after spending 10 days on the Island. Happy birthday to Lorna February 15. Enjoy your day. Birthday greetings February 16 to their son, Dr. Christopher Straus of Chicago.

Jason St. Onge of St. Onge Latex and Groove entertained the Mackinac Island Lakers volleyball and basketball teams at a pizza party at the Mustang Lounge Tuesday, February 7. Everyone had a wonderful time.

We send best wishes to Betty Moskwa, mother of Steve, who has been very ill at Marquette General Hospital.

We send birthday greetings to Joan Slater February 17. Have a great day.

Greetings to my good friend, Charlotte Sweeney Schmitt of Burr Ridge, Illinois, who called me recently to say that her 14year-old hackney pony recently became the world champion. Charlotte’s heart is still on Mackinac.

Dr. Don Weersing and his staff at the Mackinac Island Medical Center continue to give us all the best medical care. His wife, Karen, recently returned from the Hurricane Katrina areas in Louisiana and Mississippi, where she volunteered her nursing skills.

Congratulations to all the Island students who made the honor roll at the Mackinac Island Public School. We’re very proud of everyone. It was heartwarming for me to see how much the new gymnasium is used and appreciated. I attended the basketball game Friday evening and it was indeed heartwarming to see more than 100 people, from young to old, enjoying this fine facility. It’s a great addition to the Island community.

The Jim Reitmans of the Detroit area spent an enjoyable weekend attending the winter carnival. They have a lovely home nestled in the wooded area at Stonecliffe Manor.

Rich Grodecki of Detroit visited the Island recently to oversee the Ryba property. Come spring, Rich and his wife, Pat, will move back to the Island in their nice apartment above the Star Line dock with its magnificent view of the Straits of Mackinac.

The Wawa Wackers of Wawashkamo Golf Course will have a tournament in Florida Tuesday, February 21, through Thursday, February 23. It will be a fun time for all the participants.

Debra and Sandra Orr are comfortably settled in their home in Naples, Florida, where Sandra is still recuperating from her broken leg.

Margaret McIntire with her daughters, Becki and Marti, flew to the Island last Thursday to check on the Iroquois Hotel project. Margaret returned to New York and Becki went back to Florida. Marti lives in St. Ignace.

Smi Horn is in Nashville, Tennessee, attending a bus tour convention for the Mackinac Island Carriage Tours. He enjoyed going to the Grand Ole Opery and seeing many tourist sites.

Sara Bunker-Sutherland of Orlando, Florida, is spending a month with her parents, Irene and Larry Rickley Sr., and her brother, Larry, his wife, Kathleen, and her nephew, Anthony. She is here awaiting the arrival of a new niece or nephew. Sara loves Mackinac and is thrilled to be home.

Caleb Straight celebrated his birthday Super Bowl Sunday, February 5. His family hosted a birthday party for him and all of his friends.

Sylvia Perault is now a patient at Mackinac Straits Hospital’s Long Term Care Facility in St. Ignace following her recent hip surgery. She is doing well and after rehabilitation she will return to her home on Mackinac. She would enjoy hearing from her friends.

Emma Chambers, a student at Ferris State University, and Roxanne Pettit, a student at Grand Valley State University, enjoyed the weekend at home visiting family members. They had fun attending the Lakers basketball game Friday night.

Warmest and best wishes to Dot Gillespie, who has been a patient at Northern Michigan Hospital in Petoskey. Your many friends are thinking of you.

Happy birthday February 18 to Leanne Brodeur and to Thomas Willemsen, grandson of Jackie and Dennis Bradley. Enjoy your day.

A short note received this week from Bob Benjamin at his winter home in Hilton Head, South Carolina, tells us that he and Bev attended the New York Gift Show, where Glen and Jane Young met them. They’re all doing fine and enjoying the winter.

Franc and James Doud of St. Clair Shores were guests of their dad, Franc, and great-grandmother, Helga Doud, over the weekend.

Folks on the Island are seeing red cardinals at their feeders. Judy Bynoe has yellow finches at hers.

Norman Kolatski and Kent Weber will celebrate their birthdays February 19. Have a great day. Friends on Mackinac send deepest sympathy to the family of Woody Bush, who passed away Monday, February 6, in Texas. Woody was the manager of the solid waste facility on Mackinac for several years. His two daughters attended the Mackinac Island Public School. Woody had many friends on the Island who mourn his passing.

Last October, when Vanessa and Ken Hardy Jr. were married, they released white doves. Two remain on the Island, often feeding at Candy Smith’s feeder.

Deepest sympathy to Bob Cheeseman of St. Ignace on the death of his beloved sister, Faye Cheeseman, of Seattle, Washington. Bob is in charge of the Island cemeteries during the summer months.

Thanks to Ed Horn of Mackinac, who gave me a framed photograph of main street and asked me what I knew about the picture. It was a photograph, in color, of the old Mackinac House Hotel. It was between the Murray Hotel and the Pub Oyster Bar, which was in disrepair. My late husband, Robert Doud, was mayor of the Island in 1939 and he and the city council bonded the city, raising money to remove the building, thus making the city park that greets thousands of visitors who come to Mackinac each year. The Mackinac Island Visitors Bureau and the Mackinac Island Carriage Tours ticket booth are on the former site of the Mackinac House. These are all wonderful memories.

Anne St. Onge, local artist, painted a picture of the east side of the Island showing the home of Mike Bradley. Guess who saw the picture and purchased it? None other than Mike, to hang on the wall of his living room in his cozy home.

Becky Gallagher Green, Island artist, painted a fantastic Island scene for the winter festival depicting the Mackinac Bridge in the background, the ice bridge with Christmas trees marking the trail, and a snowmobile. Trish Bunker was the high bidder for the print. Pam Finkel, another Island artist, painted a spring scene with a cottage and blooming spring flowers. I was the lucky winner of this item.

Welcome home to Tyler Finkel, who spent almost a year in Japan as an exchange student. It was a wonderful experience for him. Tyler is a senior at the Mackinac Island Public School and will be graduated in May.

Jim Bogan Sr. was a beloved Island resident who was born on Mackinac. Last October, members of his family honored their late father by celebrating his 100th birthday with a family reunion. The celebration started with a cocktail party Wednesday, October 5, at the Inn on Mackinac, the former Chateau Beaumont, which was the Bogan residence. Everyone had a wonderful time and the festivities ended with a gathering at the Bogan residence at British Landing. There was much reminiscing with wonderful memories.

Best wishes to little Gracie Irish, daughter of Brian and Amy Benser Irish, and granddaughter of Bob Benser of Gaylord and Gigi Benser of Florida, who is recuperating from leukemia at her home at the following address: 121 Glendale, Rochester, MI 48307. She would love to hear from friends on Mackinac.

A note from Nancy Keogh informed us that her son, Bill, of Cheboygan, became engaged on New Year’s Eve on Mackinac. She and her husband, Larry, are doing well and look forward to returning to Mackinac in the spring.

Mark your calendar for the big St. Patrick’s party Saturday, March 11, at 5:30 p.m. at the Community Hall. There will be lots of fun and prizes.

Winter greetings to Skip, Cindi, Nick, and McKenna Kutsop of Mountainside, New Jersey. Hope that you’re enjoying the winter and we look forward to seeing you back on Mackinac in the spring.

Louina Riley (Aunt Lou), beloved aunt of Sandra and Debra Orr, had the misfortune of fracturing her hip about a week ago. At last report, she is doing well. We send best wishes to Aunt Lou for a rapid recovery. Please send her a card at the following address: 4909 Devon Circle, Naples, FL 34112.

Have fun on Mackinac in all its winter beauty and have a happy Valentine’s Day.

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