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Breakwall Would Be ‘Gross Visual Intrusion’

To the Editor:

The article in December 1, 2005 The St. Ignace News regarding the proposed building of a 950-foot long third breakwall in the Mackinac Island harbor was distressing. I realize this step is only a feasibility study, but I want everyone to keep in mind the potential devastating effects this project could bring to those who love Mackinac.

As past harbormaster of the Mackinac Island marina, I have a firsthand working knowledge of the perils a southeasterly wind can present to boaters. A third breakwall may certainly ease these troubles. But as a lover of Mackinac, the thought of the breakwall saddens me. One only has to visit Presque Isle harbor to see why. The breakwall they are requesting on Mackinac would have to be a massive structure to be effective – a gross visual intrusion. Envision sitting in Marquette Park and only being able to see the tops of the trees on Round Island.

I encourage those involved to go down and stand on the shore of the Presque Isle marina to see what effect such a project might have on the aesthetics of the harbor and the Island. I empathize with the boaters facing a good southeasterly, but looking at the larger picture, retaining the beauty of Mackinac for the generations to come is much more important for the city council to consider.

Lauren Seebohm


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