2006-02-11 / Letters

Two Teachers Need Housing

To the Editor:

We have two new teachers at our school with families that are facing the age old problem on Mackinac of affordable housing. These teachers and their children are important to our school and to our community and this summer they have no place to live. As all of us know, moving on and off the Island by the season is not a fun thing to do, especially with a family. I know most businesses feel that employee housing is a problem, but it makes me very sad when I see how many houses on Mackinac are filled up with single non-related employees instead of a family who is here to be part of the community.

Please, if anyone has a home that they can rent yeararound to one of these teachers, call us at school. They are willing to work for an employer that can provide reasonable year-around housing. Can you help??

Thank you.

Barbara D. Fisher

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