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Get Involved in Island’s Future

To the Editor:

Year-around residents of Mackinac Island, please take a minute over the next few weeks to tell a member of the Master Plan Committee how you feel about the future of Mackinac. Many tell me they feel it is hopeless, but if we work hard together it will NOT be hopeless. I am a believer in having a good, strong master plan that, beyond all the statistics and Island facts, can have goals that are often reviewed and updated. In my mind, Mackinac Island is confined in space and very limited in wastewater capacity, therefore, we must prepare to limit our growth and expansion. We must protect our Island and our green space. They are much more important than the mighty dollar. If we are not careful, we will lose part of our uniqueness by not preparing for the future.

Contact a member of the committee and tell them how you feel. Committee members are Lorna Straus, Bob Brown, Mike Hart, Mary Dufina, Dan Wightman, Phil Porter, Kay Hoppenrath, Margaret Doud, Smi Horn, and myself, Barbara Fisher.

The City Council and Planning Commission need to update the Master Plan, correct the zoning ordinance, and fight to keep our Island a yeararound community.

Barbara D. Fisher

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