2006-05-20 / Looking Back

Looking Back

Compiled by Ryan Schlehuber

115 Years Ago

The St. Ignace News

May 16, 1891

The Gazelle is again on her old route between St. Ignace and the Island.

Mr. and Mrs. E. McAdam returned to St. Ignace this week. They will soon open up their store on the Island.

90 Years Ago The St. Ignace Enterprise

May 18, 1916

Democratic prosperity is making itself felt in this section as well as in the industrial centers of the country. Last week M.D. Olds, the wellknown Cheboygan lumberman, was compelled to go to Detroit and other southern Michigan points in search of men for his upper peninsula lumbering operations, and after a strenuous hunt only secured 25 of the 125 he needed. The Michigan Central R.R. is advertising for men to lay new ties on its main line from Mackinaw City to Cheboygan, and all around us there is a big demand for both skilled and unskilled labor.

The March bulletin of vital statistics published last week shows that the stork had the grim reaper beaten a mile in Mackinac County. There were 24 births and only nine deaths. In the Upper Peninsula, there were 855 births and 315 deaths. Totals for the state were 7,569 births and 4,365 deaths.

The editor of a western newspaper reminds us that not so long ago gasoline might have been sold for $1 a gallon without widespread comment, but "today when it advances a fraction of a cent a gallon, nearly everybody talks about it."

Col. Henry Davis of Springfield, Ill., arrived Tuesday to superintend work being done on his summer home in the Annex.

Mayor Robert H. Benjamin and Supt. Frank Kenyon made a trip to Ishpeming last Friday for the purpose of looking into the merits of the garbage reduction plant in that city. They were so favorably impressed that the Island is soon to have an incinerator of the same stamp. This certainly should prove very good news to the Island as its erection will remove one of the greatest nuisances, the distribution of garbage during the summer months. A pleasant incident of their visit was a call on Rev. John P. Kenl, now pastor of St. John's Church and former rector of Ste. Anne's Church, Mackinac Island. Mrs. Capt. Robinson left

Saturday for Chicago where she will purchase furniture for her new hotel, Windermere, at Mackinaw City.

Capt. and Mrs. Jos. M. Leggett of Mackinac Island were among the shoppers in St. Ignace Saturday. The captain says that the fitting out of the gun boat is about completed and that the sisters, cousins, etc., have provided new colors and new armament so that it is expected the pride of the island seas will be in commission sometime this month.

50 Years Ago

The Republican News and St. Ignace Enterprise

Thursday, May 17, 1956

Several people from Mackinac Island and St. Ignace were in lower Michigan last weekend and viewed the tornado scenes which resulted in the lower Michigan area. The Straits area had a near miss. Captain Pat Gallagher of the City of Cheboygan sighted a twister on Sunday, crossing the Straits toward Mackinaw City. It threw water and shook the boat, but did not come down to do greater damage, jumping above the village.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Flanagan arrived Thursday from Pampono Beach, Florida, and will remain at the Island for the summer and operate the Morrow Nut House.

Mackinac Island business district is taking life this week. Most of the gift shops will be open for the first Youth Cruise Thursday, May 17.

10 Years Ago Mackinac Island Town Crier

May 25 to May 31, 1996

A Round Island Lighthouse centennial celebration this weekend will commemorate the historic structure, provide unique opportunities to explore it close up, and raise funds toward its continued preservation.

The cost of traveling via water to Mackinac Island went up by four-bits this year as local ferry services attempt to cope with higher fuel and labor expenses. Each of the three Mackinac Island ferry companies raised fares 50 cents from last year. Each line now charges $12 for an adult round-trip.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Town Crier is seeking original prints or reprints of old photographs depicting areas in the Eastern Upper Peninsula to be scanned into its archives and for the Looking Back column. Photographs to be loaned or donated to the Michilimackinac Historical Society can also be dropped off at The Town Crier or The St. Ignace News.

Alook-out tower was used by the United States Coast Guard near the shoreline on Mackinac Island's Windermere Point in the early days to patrol the Round Island Passage. The station on the Island was next to Chippewa Hotel in Haldimand Bay, which is now a visitors center for Mackinac State Historic Parks. The Coast Guard station was moved to St. Ignace after a new facility was built in 1968. (Photograph courtesy of Greg Main)

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