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Old, Misguided Master Plan Format Doesn't Work

I was just reading in my August 5 issue of the Mackinac Island Town Crier about the progress, or lack of same, taking place at the Master Plan Committee meetings. One line that really caught my eye was the suggestion that the new Master Plan follow the outline of the current Master Plan.

Come on, people, wake up! The island is in the state that it

is as a result of the misguided input in the old Master Plan, to wit, condominiums all over the island, our poor historical island! Multiple family buildings in areas that should obviously have been zoned for single family homes. Dick Coates being turned down for desperately needed storage facilities because his property, which sits out by the airport in the middle

of the island, is zoned for hotels! How ridiculous! Remember our futile battle with the electric chair issue?

Let's make some real, wellthought out decisions in a last vain attempt to preserve and restore the intended ambiance that we all want for our beloved island. Please?

Kent Weber Mackinac Island

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