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Looking Back

James Chambers hauls wood from Bois Blanc Island to the Chambers' yard on Cadotte Avenue around 1938. (Photograph courtesy of Dr. Bill Chambers) James Chambers hauls wood from Bois Blanc Island to the Chambers' yard on Cadotte Avenue around 1938. (Photograph courtesy of Dr. Bill Chambers) 115 Years Ago

The St. Ignace News

Saturday, August 15, 1891

On Tuesday next, August 18th, 87 lots in Benham's annex, Mackinac Island, will be offered for sale at public auction, on easy terms of payment. See posters.

Be hospitable to the man who differs from your view. Possibly he may be right and you wrong. "Study to please," but never give yourself away cheaply.

Patrick Murray and J.C. Moore are doing some very fine work on their job of plastering the Catholic church at Mackinac Island.

90 Years Ago

The St. Ignace Enterprise

Thursday, August 17, 1916

County School Commissioner LaChance was over in St. Ignace from the Island Saturday on official business.

All the hotels, private boarding houses, and rooming houses were taxed to their capacity the past two weeks. Last Saturday, about 100 tourists were sent to Petoskey, as they couldn't get accommodations here.

The management of the Grand has posted notices announcing to the friends of the hotel that during the closed season the dining room will be lengthened by 75 feet and that 100 additional new bath rooms will be installed, all improvements to be completed by the opening of the hotel in 1917. This is the Grand's biggest year and they are preparing to increase it next season.

The present season has been the best in a great number of years and the prediction for many more summers when business will be just as good is freely heard. The golf links is proving a great attraction and will be the means of bringing many people here in future summers.

50 Years Ago

The Republican-News &

St. Ignace Enterprise

Thursday, August 16, 1956

The Chicago colony of cottagers who are helping raise money to build a medical center on Mackinac Island include Commander Eugene McDonald, John Cochran, the Edward A. Cudahys, Dr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Puttkammers, Herbert Bruckner, Arthur Palmgren, William Stewart Woodfill, L.L. McArthur, and the William Bruckners' son and daughter-in-law, the Richard Sweeneys.

Insured loss caused by Michigan's 196,812 traffic accidents in 1955 would have built the Mackinac Straits bridge with $2 million to spare, according to the Michigan Insurance Information Service.

35 Years Ago

The Republican-News &

St. Ignace Enterprise

Thursday, August 19, 1971

George Rickley, 23, of St. Ignace, and 28-year-old LeRoy LaTour of Mackinac Island were killed Friday afternoon, August 13, in a one-car accident that occurred on I-75, just south of the Mackinac Bridge. They were returning from Petoskey when the fatal accident happened. Two other men, Gregory LaJoice of St. Ignace and James Cadotte of Mackinac Island, passengers in the car, were injured. The accident apparently occurred from a blown tire, throwing the car out of control, causing it to roll.

10 Years Ago

Mackinac Island Town Crier August 17 to August 23, 1996

Calling for community input and ideas, Mackinac Island Mayor Margaret Doud formed a new task force Wednesday, August 14, to find solutions for the ongoing question of where to locate employee housing on the Island.

City Council asked its Streets and Sidewalks committee to find out why street signs show two Grand Avenues on the Island. Cadotte Avenue, which runs up Grand Hill to Grand Hotel, currently has Grand Avenue street signs. Another Grand Avenue is located in the Annex. The committee also will examine a plan for an updated street map for the Island.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Mackinac Island Town Crier is seeking original prints or reprints of old photographs depicting areas in the Eastern Upper Peninsula to be scanned into its archives and for the Looking Back column. Photographs to be loaned or donated to the Michilimackinac Historical Society can also be dropped off at the Town Crier or The St. Ignace News offices.

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