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It is the beginning of the special season of autumn, when the trees on Mackinac take on the splendor of the turning of the leaves into radiant fall colors of reds, bronze, yellow, and gold. It is very picturesque in all of their loveliness. A spectacular and breathtaking sight is looking down from Point Lookout to Sugar Loaf Rock, which is surrounded in the elegance of magnificent colors with the blue waters of the Straits of Mackinac in the distance.

Happy belated birthday to Patsy LaPine, who celebrated her birthday September 27. Patsy works at the Windermere and is a great cook.

Walking up to Grand Hotel, you will find a canopy of towering maples, which are more than 100 years old. Many glorious colors can already be seen on trees and shrubs that grace the Little Jewel golf course and those at the tennis courts.

Happy birthday to Jim Hagenbaugh October 4. Have a great day.

The fall flowers that are blooming in the beds in front of Grand Hotel are so special, adding much to the ambience of the famous hotel, which has welcomed guests for years. One special variety in full bloom are the dinner plate dahlias, very tall and stately in reds and yellows with huge blossoms.

This Black Crown Nigh Heron returns to the same tree behind the Windermere Hotel each year around August. (Photograph by Brian Hellis) This Black Crown Nigh Heron returns to the same tree behind the Windermere Hotel each year around August. (Photograph by Brian Hellis) Mary Thompson will celebrate her birthday October 4. Hope your day is special.

Famous New York decorator Carleton Varney greeted guests who attended the antique night at Grand Hotel Friday, September 29. A record crowd enjoyed a fabulous evening, where precious jewelry, wicker furniture, and antique trunks caught the eye of many people looking for treasures. Refreshments and cocktails added to the enjoyment of the wonderful evening. It's an annual event which is looked forward to each year. The proceeds of the evening were donated by the Musser family to the Mackinac Island Public Library Fund at the Community Foundation. A great time was enjoyed by all. Guests from St. Ignace seen enjoying the party were Sis Brown, Giz Brown, Janie Perry, Mary and Wes Maurer, Emily Fullerton, Janis Holle, Paula McNamara, Claudette Brown, and John and Lucy Evashevski. Debbie Holle came over with nine residents of Curtis.

Renowned decorator Carleton Varney (center) enjoys the Carleton Varney Antique Festival at Grand Hotel with hotel Chairman R. D. Musser Jr. and Vice President Mimi Cunningham. Renowned decorator Carleton Varney (center) enjoys the Carleton Varney Antique Festival at Grand Hotel with hotel Chairman R. D. Musser Jr. and Vice President Mimi Cunningham. Happy anniversary to Patty and Bruce LaPine October 6. Have a wonderful day.

Happy 2nd anniversary to John and Beth Chambers October 2. They spent the weekend on Mackinac visiting family members. They now reside in Holland.

The Great American Turtle Feast benefiting the Mackinac County American Red Cross and the Mackinac Island Medical Center portable X-ray machine will be held Thursday, October 19, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at The Gate House. A $40 admission includes a buffet dinner. A special late boat will be provided by Arnold Transit Company. Come and enjoy a silent auction, food, and fun.

Brad and Nancy Chambers will celebrate their wedding anniversary October 6. Enjoy your day.

Jane and Richard Manoogian never miss an antique show and could be seen Friday evening at Grand Hotel enjoying the party. Special thanks to them for having the wonderful stairs from Pontiac Trail to the shore road rebuilt. As small children, we loved those stairs and had loads of fun going up and down the old stairs.

Happy birthday to Rosemary Kompsi October 6. Hope your day is very special.

My good friend, Carol Clifton, in Muncie, Indiana, will celebrate her birthday October 7. We miss you and look forward to your next visit to Mackinac.

We shall miss the sound of the bell at Little Stone Church welcoming the parishioners to the Sunday worship service. Dr. Vince Carroll and his lovely wife, Molly, departed the Island for their winter home in Sarasota, Florida, Wednesday, October 4. The last church service was Sunday, October 1. The beautiful stained glass windows are illuminated throughout the winter season, adding much to the beauty of Mackinac when the ground is covered with a blanket of snow.

Debra Orr will celebrate her birthday October 7. Have wonderful day.

Our family enjoyed a visit over the weekend from Nancy and Jean LaBorde of Crivitz, Wisconsin. They were finishing their trip around Lake Superior, which was wonderful with the fall colors. Both Nancy and Jean are retired and are enjoying their new home and traveling.

We're happy to report that our good friend, Jerry Horn, is home from the hospital and is making a nice recovery from his recent heart surgery. Please remember Jerry with a card. He would love to hear from his many friends on the Island.

Helen and Richard Wolfgang have just returned from a threeweek tour of Italy, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Their art gallery on Market Street is still open, displaying Richard's magnificent art work.

Happy birthday to Dominick Morse October 7. Hopefully, you will receive lots of surprises.

Happy birthday to Marie Bunker October 6. Enjoy your day. Vic and Rena Callewaert entertained friends at their lovely home on Lakeshore Drive over the weekend. They all enjoyed the antique show at Grand Hotel Friday evening.

The annual Appreciation Night given by the Musser family and Grand Hotel will be held Monday evening, October 9.

Father Rey Garcia, S.J. of Ste. Anne's visited his aunt in Iowa last weekend.

We had the pleasure this past Saturday and Sunday of a visit from a dear friend, Father Don Libby of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Traverse City. He celebrated the masses at Ste. Anne's over the weekend. Father Don is the son of the Don Libbys of Grand Rapids. He spent many of his growing-up years on Mackinac, and is the nephew of Alice Martin and cousin to Trish Martin. Father Don studied for many years in Rome, and is now serving the Gaylord Diocese. Great seeing you again.

Jonathan Mayorov from London, Ontario, returned to the Island late August, where his parents treated him to a threenight stay at Grand Hotel, for passing The Royal Conservatory exam in grade 9 piano, with first class honors. He enjoyed tickling the ivories Monday, August 28, in Grand Hotel's Parlor Room at High Tea.

Summer visitors to Mackinac, the Steve Harpers of Plymouth, spent an enjoyable weekend at Grand Hotel, where they were seen having a wonderful time at the antique show. We look forward to their return in the spring of 2007.

Please mark your calendars for the annual Christmas Bazaar, which will be held Saturday, December 2, through Monday, December 4, at the Community Hall. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. They may be sent or dropped off at the Mackinac Island Medical Center.

Dr. Mary Alban of Mackinac Straits Veterinary Clinic in St. Ignace made her final visit to Mackinac Thursday, October 5.

Guests seen enjoying the annual antique show at Grand Hotel were Bruce Bentgen and Dr. Glenn Heynig of Harbor Springs. It's always a pleasure to see you.

Grand Hotel's famous Jockey Club closed for the season Sunday, October 1, and the very popular Woods Restaurant at Stonecliffe will close Sunday, October 8. Best wishes to all our friends who make us feel very welcome each time we stop by for lunch or dinner.

Joe Abbey of Traverse City has been a guest of the McIntire family at the Iroquois.

It could only happen on Mackinac! While Virginia McIntyre Riordan and Margaret Doud were enjoying an early evening game of golf on the Little Jewel, they received quite a surprise. On hole #6, after Virginia teed off and her ball was resting on the side of the green, out of the woods came a beautiful little fox, who very quickly gathered the ball in his mouth and went over and buried it in the sand trap. Soon, another little fox ventured out and grabbed Margaret's ball. After burying the second ball in the sand, the two little foxes rolled and played in the sand. As one can say, it could only happen on Mackinac. When the ladies related their story in the Mustang, loud laughter could be heard from many golfers.

Sales, and more sales, as shops near the end of the season. It's a great time of the year to do some Christmas shopping.

Happy anniversary to David and Cathy Bradley October 8. Have a very special day.

Virginia McIntyre Riordan will be celebrating her birthday October 10. We send you special greetings.

The Marquette Park lawn is a spectacular shade of green following some recent heavy rains. Behind the Indian Dormitory on the hillside, the trees are taking on their new autumn attire, very beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

Warmest greetings to Jim Droskie of St. Ignace and his lovely wife, Roberta.

Tom and Nancy Clifton Cripe of Indianapolis, Indiana, will be celebrating their anniversary October 10. Special greetings from your Island friends.

Alice and Sue Myron of Port Huron have closed their East Bluff cottage for the season. Sue is a teacher in Hillsdale, and Alice is a retired teacher. Sue and a friend attended the antique show at Grand Hotel.

Muffin Ernster and Shannon Schuler enjoyed a long weekend at their cottages in Hubbard's Annex. Nice to have you back on Mackinac.

Dr. Chris Straus of Chicago attended the antique show Friday evening. He spent the weekend with his parents, Dr. Fran and Lorna, at their cottage in Hubbard's Annex.

Early Friday morning, September 29, while glancing out on the waters beyond the Straits of Mackinac at Round Island, a beautiful sight came into view. The big German cruise ship Columbus was anchored, sending passengers ashore in tenders that docked at the Bay View dock. This is the first time that the Columbus has visited the Island this year. It was a pretty day for the guests to see Mackinac in all of its autumn splendor.

Monday, October 2, a loud salute could be heard as the Edward L. Ryerson was east bound in the Straits of Mackinac. It was saluting the Arnold Transit passenger ferry. Wonderful to see this great ship back in service.

At 4 p.m. Friday, October 6, the Mackinac Island Lakers soccer team will be playing Grand Marais at the Mark Gallagher Memorial Field. Go Lakers!!

Warmest greetings and best wishes to Jeff Shaffer's father, who is receiving treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Island friends are thinking of you.

Barbara and Brian Hellis will be closing their Market Street home Monday, October 9, and will leave for their winter home in Northville.

Bev and Bob Benjamin will depart the Island Sunday, October 15, for their home in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Ann and Clayton Timmons entertained friends Thursday evening, September 28, at their Lakeshore Drive home with a delightful dinner party. Many of the items on the menu came out of their garden. They will leave Sunday, October 15, for their winter home in Florida. We shall miss all the lights in the neighborhood.

It has been a very busy time for Pat and Alice Pulte as their daughter, Mar, was married Saturday, September 30, at the Old Mission Church, and their son, P.J. and family, especially little Hugo, were here for the occasion from their home in Colorado. Congratulations to Mar and her new husband from Island friends.

The Halloween season is fast approaching, and shop windows and restaurants are decorated with happy pumpkins, witches, scarecrows, and cornstalks.

Happy first wedding anniversary to Ken Jr. and Vanessa Hardy October 14. Have a wonderful day.

Coming home Wednesday evening, October 4, Captain Mike North of Star Line showed me pictures of his trip, when he sailed the MV Nicolet to New York. The pictures were beautiful, especially the ones in front of the Statue of Liberty. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful trip.

Dave and Pat Ramsay of St. Ignace flew to Florida for the surprise birthday party honoring Delbert Bunker's wife on her 75th birthday. They all had a great time.

The Wallace Muggs of Holland spent last weekend at the Windermere. They've been visiting the Island for the past 35 years.

The Bob Pattersons of Elmhurst, Illinois, guests of the Windermere, spent the weekend at Grand Hotel. They enjoyed the antique show.

Enjoy the beautiful fall colors, which are at their peak. They were glorious and breathtaking on I-75 to Traverse City, very unbelievable. Mother Nature is wonderful.

The sunset Wednesday evening was also very magnificent, spreading its beams throughout the sky.

Enjoy Mackinac.

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