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Island Tourism Bureau Adheres to City Ordinance on Short-Term Renting

To the Editor:

While reading the September 9 edition of the Mackinac Island Town Crier, the article, "City to Seek Court Injunction Against Rent Violators," by Karen Gould, states Councilman Mike Hart commented "...that illegal short term rentals are getting cooperation from the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau, which advertises the units in direct competition with its other members."

This comment is untrue. Mr. Hart and I had the opportunity to chat about the situation recently.

He was unaware that the Tourism Bureau has on several occasions brought illegal renters and/or those in violation of city ordinances to the attention of Council and/or staff working for the City of Mackinac Island. The Tourism Bureau is working hard to assist the City in this regard.

We include in our Visitors Guide and online website (www.mackinacisland.org) the following comment regarding rentals to better prepare tourists:

"Because there are minimum stay requirements set forth by the Mackinac Island State Park

Commission and/or the City of Mackinac Island, many properties are subject to nightly, weekly, bi-weekly, and/or monthly minimum stays. For rates and minimum stay requirements, please contact each property directly."

While it is not the function of the Tourism Bureau to enforce city ordinances to any business, we are acting in a proactive fashion for the common good of Mackinac Island.

Would it be possible to have online access to City Ordinances? In this way, the business

owners, our members and others looking to operate a rental business on Mackinac Island would have an easily accessible resource.

Without clear communication between the City of Mackinac Island and the business community, ideas such as those expressed in the Town Crier cause unnecessary stress for all of us.

I would like to thank Mr. Hart for our conversation addressing this situation as it was brought to our attention that there is a perception issue at hand. I would

hope that by writing this letter, council is aware that the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau staff, board of directors, and membership support the City of Mackinac Island and its efforts to have an ordinanceabiding business community.

Mary McGuire Slevin

Executive Director

Mackinac Island Tourism


Editor's Note: Mackinac Island ordinances, at least through July 2004, are posted at municode.com.

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