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Island Could Offer Inspiration

To the Editor:

Every so often, out of the blue, in this case at 11:23 p.m. on a winter night in January, 2007, with a plane flying overhead in the darkness, a concept for something more rears from nowhere inside a downstate house, and why not share it with others to contemplate?

There have been, and are, many writers who have either visited and/or lived on Mackinac Island, right? We know well about the film "Somewhere in Time." That was some time ago, when many television viewers weren't even born. This is a new opportunity to go further.

There has never been a teleplay that has been accepted after a pilot for a single television network, has there? Have there been scripts written that a studio didn't want? Maybe. Maybe not.

What kind of script would sell and be watched regularly by millions of people with the title of "Mackinaw?"

If it would be a period kind of thing, would we want to focus on Madeline LaFromboise's school and the people around her?

Maybe Captain Ben Pierce and Josette LaFromboise-Pierce could be the feature characters from their points of views.

Or, would the current national and global demographics prefer current everyday life in the four seasons? The fictionalized latter might be easier to sell to entertainment people.

Books have been done for many years about the Island. What about screenwriting for television? Right now it's just a thought.

Happy Valentine's Day. May you be inspired to create and fill a void. Stan J. Woodard North Muskegon

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