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Mackinac was so beautiful this past week, as it welcomed members of the Greater Detroit Chamber of Commerce Mackinac Policy Conference, one of the largest to visit the Island. Temperatures were warm and balmy, with perfect days of sunshine. It was great golf weather. Hotels and bed and breakfasts were filled, making it a busy time on Mackinac. Mayor Doud welcomed the group at their opening session. She enjoyed meeting Edsel Ford, of Ford Motor Company. Mackinac looks forward to their return visit to Grand Hotel in 2008.

Island friends were consumed in grief Sunday, June 3, as word spread quickly that the Right Reverend James Kelsey, Episcopal Bishop of Northern Michigan, had been killed in a tragic car accident near Seney. Bishop Kelsey had conducted the Sunday service in St. Ignace, and was en route back to Marquette. His death has been on the minds and in the hearts of all who loved him. He was just 54 years old, and loved life. He enjoyed coming to Mackinac and conducting services at Trinity Church. Over the years, he made a host of friends on the Island. A funeral liturgy with Holy Eucharist will be at St. Michael Roman Catholic Church in Marquette Friday, June 8, at 4 p.m., with visitation from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Bishop Kelsey and his family were special friends of the Musser families. Amos Kelsey works at the front desk at Grand Hotel. Words fail to express our deepest sympathy to the family. Bishop Kelsey's memory shall remain in the hearts of all his friends on Mackinac.

Heavy rain fell Sunday, June 3, and Monday, June 4, causing many of our shrubs and trees to bend under the heavy weight, especially the lilacs, which are just beautiful. They should be just perfect for the Lilac Festival. The Island is a picture today, with the lawns and gardens taking on the true look and spirit of the beginning of summer. All who visit Mackinac the next week or so will view a magnificent sight on Cadotte Avenue as the lilac trees in the Chambers yard will come in to full bloom. Hundreds of years old, they're very large trees. At the Marvin May cottage, their large lilac tree is so loaded with blossoms that it hangs nearly to the ground.

Happy 21st birthday to Sarah Wessel June 6. Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, June 3, Stafford and Janice Smith, owners of the Perry Hotel and Bay View Inn in Petoskey, enjoyed an evening at the Windermere Hotel. They came especially to enjoy the Mackinac lilacs. Great to see you back on the Island.

Friends were invited to Phil and Val Porter's home at Fort Mackinac Saturday, June 2, to meet their new grandson, Liam Phil, who was born April 16. Liam is the son of Will and Steffanie Porter. A great time was enjoyed by all.

Happy birthday to Mark Chambers June 13. I'm sure that Clara will help you blow out your candles.

Dean and Shannon Schueller held a reception welcoming the visiting scholars to the Mackinac Conference on Herculaneum Papyri Saturday, June 2, at the Schueller cottage in Hubbard's Annex. It was a beautiful Mackinac evening, and everyone had a wonderful time.

Bob Gale's Butterfly House, behind Ste. Anne's Church in the Mission, has been totally renovated with new attractions for the children.

La Chance Cottage, at the Mission, underwent major renovations during the winter months and is now open for the 2007 season under the new ownership of Dr. Mike and Jane Bacon. Nancy LaFerier is the manager. The property joins the Harbour View Inn, which is also owned by the Bacons.

We've been getting daily updates from Dr. Chris LaTocha of Mackinaw City, who is a stem cell transplant patient at the University of Chicago Hospital. He has a wonderful spirit and a great sense of humor. Island friends send him best wishes.

Joe Kompsi will celebrate his birthday June 14. Enjoy your day.

Mary and Charlie Thompson have returned to their home in Rockledge, Florida. Their son, Ken, and his wife are the new managers of Lilac House on Market Street.

Alex Gillespie of Florida attended the graduation of his niece, Sydney Kleinhenz of Harbor Springs, Sunday, June 3, from Harbor Light Christian School. Alex spent several days on Mackinac visiting family and friends.

A very happy birthday to Gary and Larry LaPine June 17. Gary and Larry are patients at the Mackinac Straits Hospital's long term care facility in St. Ignace. Island friends send special greetings.

Mackinac is becoming a lilac paradise. Lilacs of every color adorn many of the trees and bushes all over the Island. The fragrance permeates the air as you walk down Cadotte Avenue, Market Street, the Mission area, or take a nightly stroll on the boardwalk. It's truly lilac time on Mackinac.

During the heavy rain and lightning Sunday, June 3, and Monday, June 4, Edison Sault Electric employees Dan Wightman and Mark Chambers were busy making repairs. They do a great job, and everything was restored very quickly.

Dr. Don and Karen Weersing of Mackinac attended the graduation of Nicki Weersing Sunday, June 3, in Holland.

The Mackinac Island Community Foundation will host an appreciation reception Tuesday, June 19, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Mackinac Island Community Hall.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Lacal Roberts, driver of Grand Hotel's luggage dray, proudly announced that he became a grandfather in March. His daughter became the mother of a baby girl named June Marie St. Andrew. The happy family resides in St. Ignace.

The 2007 Lilac Queen will be crowned in Marquette Park Friday, June 8, at 5:30 p.m. Marquette Park is absolutely beautiful with a wide variety of all different colors of lilacs. It is truly a breathtaking sight. Come and enjoy all the festivities.

It's so nice to see Catherine Gilbert back on the Island. She's working at Betty's Gift Shop on Main Street.

Enjoy the beautiful lilacs!

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