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Need To Implement Island's Master Plan

To the Editor:

It is with much chagrin that I read (I heard it first verbally) of more "abuse" of our Island's landscape, to wit, more desecration of our Island's few remaining "green spaces" in the form of more unwanted, unneeded condominiums. Are our city fathers just ignoring the sentiments of the majority of the residents, or is there so much other pressure on them to grant these numerous building permits? We already have employee housing (Mapleview) being converted to condos and the beautiful old house next door that will soon be under the wrecking ball. I apologize for being a sentimentalist in feeling that the older buildings should be preserved, however, in reading comments expressed by Dr. Jane Busch at a recent conference, I cannot help but believe that I am on the same wavelength that she is.

It was not that long ago when the city was fighting "tooth and nail" to prevent the use of electric bicycles on the Island, while accruing huge legal expenses which the presiding judge ruled that our city was responsible for. And for what? The preservation of the ambience of our precious Island. And yet, they do not hesitate to grant those dreaded building permits that I have referred to above.

One alderman told me that the city has no choice, because the matter is all legal. Okay, but it is legal only on the basis of our antiquated master plan, which should never have been implemented in the first place.

If only those misguided individuals who passed that legislation had used some foresight and had seen that they were paving the road for entrepreneurs who do not live on the Island year-around, but are only interested in the profits they will derive from their ventures and "to heck" with the feelings of the residents who must endure this "blight" on a yeararound basis. Why hasn't the revised master plan been implemented? What are they waiting for?...more building requests? How is this affecting the moratorium on the water usage issue?

I contemplated not writing yet another letter on this issue, but since no one else has picked up the gauntlet, I feel it is my civic duty to speak out!

Kent Weber Mackinac Island

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