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Condos Not Part of Island Lore

To the Editor:

It was disheartening to read about greed vs. serenity. How sad the Mission condo project is another way of a modern future forgoing the pleasure of the noted Island horses. It also seems that a "vinyl-sided building" (U.S. Post Office) could have a vinyl fence. Why is one inappropriate, and the other not? If the City Council feels so strongly about, and continues to support, modernization of the Island, please change the information in the tourist publications.

"Nature Notes," "Horse Tales," and "A Look at History" are true Island reading and should be retained in the Mackinac Island Town Crier.

The political statement made a few years back will some day come true - "I will drive my Olds to the Island." (The unsaid part: to the island or over to.) We laughed then, and in time, the tears of truth.

Sally Huebler


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