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Looking Back

Compiled by Ryan Schlehuber

115 Years Ago

The St. Ignace News

Saturday, July 9, 1892

The News opened a branch job office at Mackinac Island today. It is located on the second flat of Foley's art gallery and bazaar, corner Fort and Main streets.

Stellwagen & Kynoch of St. Ignace run a branch workshop at Mackinac Island and three men find all they can do.

Two Canadian steamers arrived at the Island yesterday, with a good number of pleasure seekers.

Sheriff Metiever of St. Ignace sent a splendid carriage outfit to Mackinac Island Thursday, to remain for the season. It is in charge of Harry Tice.

Miss Iva McElroy and Eric Ogle of St. Ignace are employed at Fenton's bazaar, Mackinac Island, for the season. Success to them.

Tommie Taylor's new team and carriage went into commission at the Island on Monday last.

"The Mackinac Island Social Club" is the name of a new organization at Fort Mackinac.

Virgil Scott has painted Foley's store and residence at the Island and did good work on both jobs. "Col." will be at Arch Rock again this season to photograph ye tourist.

Harry C. Smyth, storekeeper at the Grand, is an old friend of the writer (of The St. Ignace News). The hotel management is to be congratulated on securing the services of such an efficient gentleman.

"S.C.," Mackinac Island: Your letter received too late to be of any service last week. Please write again and sign your name, so that we may become better acquainted. Thanks for the kind offer. "X."

90 Years Ago The St. Ignace Enterprise

Thursday, July 12, 1917

All of the D&C boats are now in service. Indications are at present that the line will experience one of the biggest years in its history.

Mr. David Whitney Jr. and family of Detroit arrived Wednesday and are occupying the Brooks cottage located at Cedar Point, and Mr. and Mrs. George Packard and family of Chicago arrived Thursday and are enjoying their attractive home in British Landing.

Mr. Adolph Denkhaus of New York arrived the past week to assume the duties of social director for the Grand this season.

50 Years Ago

The Republican-News

& St. Ignace Enterprise

Thursday, July 11, 1957

Hoisting the big, preassembled steel sections that will form the suspended, fourlane roadway of the Mackinac Bridge - the world's largest suspension bridge - is almost like pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps.

Split-second timing and tight teamwork are vital in lifting each of these 36 sections, known as stiffening truss units, to its final position, firmly locked to the tough steel suspender ropes hanging down from the main cables of the bridge.

The main cables, themselves, provide the only support for the lifting devices.

Mike Murray has joined his family, the Walter Murrays, and is employed at the Doud Mercantile store for the summer.

Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Brodeur left for Detroit Thursday on a buying trip for their shop, the Leather Corral.

Newspaper advertising executives in convention at Mackinac Island recently were told that more advertising money will be used introducing Ford Motor Co.'s new Edsel than any brand new car has ever used.

35 Years Ago

The Republican-News & St. Ignace Enterprise

Thursday, July 6, 1972

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church of Marquette has a life-size papier-mâché horse on its front steps, which is raising about as many questions as the Trojan Horse probably did when it was left on the Romans' doorstep by the Greeks. For the past 25 years, the animal has been in and out of local storage.

Its whereabouts before 1948 remains a mystery no one in Marquette seems able to completely solve.

The Rev. Raymond J. Garin, Escanaba pastor of St. Johns from 1948 to 1964, believes the horse was carved by the late Rev. Joseph Lings, pastor of Ste. Anne's Church on Mackinac Island, who was handy with woodworking.

15 Years Ago

The St. Ignace News

Thursday, July 9, 1992

Mrs. Janie Hart, wife of the late Senator Phil Hart, is visiting Mackinac Island this summer. The Harts owned a cottage on the East Bluff. For the next two months, Mrs. Hart and her family will be living in Mary K. McIntire's Lakeshore Drive home.

Inclement weather caused the benefit party for the Mackinac Island Library to be moved from Windermere Point July 4 to the Community Hall on Market Street.

Katie and Randy McKay, of Houghton and New Jersey, spent a few days with Katie's family, the Robert Bynoes Sr. Randy is a hockey instructor in Houghton during the summer and, during the fall and winter, plays professional hockey for the New Jersey Devils.

Mr. Wesley Maurer Sr., of The St. Ignace News and Mackinac Island Town Crier, always conducts a Sunday morning seminar with his Town Crier reporters.

This past Sunday, they were all his guests at lunch at the Carriage House Dining Room.

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