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Fly Control Tips for Horse Owners, Businesses

To ensure cleanliness and limit the spread of flies around the Island, the City asks businesses and horse owners to abide by the following guidelines:

Horse stalls - Manure and solid bedding must be removed regularly. The stalls must be cleaned before a weekly application of salt, lime, or sodium borate can be applied between the floorboards, and other cracks in the foundation where fly pupa may be found. Accumulated feed and excess bedding should also be removed on a weekly basis.

Manure wagons - Wagons must be parked over a concrete or asphalt slab to contain spilling and to prevent mixing of manure and soil. Wagons containing manure must be covered with a tight-fitting cover in order to reduce fly feeding and breeding. Wagons also are required to be thoroughly swept and cleaned after each emptying.

Manure boxes - Boxes must be built on a concrete or asphalt slab to contain spillage and must be built to be fly proof with tight-fitting doors and screens. Boxes must be cleaned weekly.

Food waste/garbage storage sites - Food wastes and garbage must be stored in flyproof containers and constructed over a concrete or asphalt slab to contain spillage. In addition, storage sites must be cleaned on a weekly basis.

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