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City Seeks To Reduce Damage Caused by Moving Modular Homes

By Ryan Schlehuber

The maximum dimensions for modular home sections allowed to be moved on public roads on Mackinac Island may be reduced to prevent transport vehicles from blocking a public road or damaging nearby trees or yards along the way.

The maximum size allowed was reduced last year to 14 feet by 44 feet for the same reasons, but members of the city's Street Committee believe the dimensions should be further reduced, as incidents are still occurring.

Modular homes are produced in sections and shipped to the Island, where they are transported and reconstructed on site. Because of tight corners on the Island's public roads, there have been a few incidents where trees and yards have been damaged or vehicles have gotten stuck, blocking access at times.

Dennis Dombroski, the city engineer, is seeking working with Island home vendors such as Phil & Lee's Homes of Wells, to reduce the size of a section that can be transported.

"The issues we've had with them in the past happened in the worst possible weather," Mr. Dombroski pointed out at the street committee's meeting Wednesday, July 30.

Another concern expressed was that roads can become blocked to traffic and emergency vehicles if the house transport gets stuck.

500-foot Stretch of Annex

Road Needs Repair

The city would like to repair a 500-foot-long section of Annex Road, from the corner of the Puttkammer family property to the Edison Sault Electric power line access, Mr. Dombroski said, and cost estimates are being solicited to see how much of the road the city can afford to repair.

"That 500-foot section is just the worst part of the road," he said.

"The shoulder is messed up in that section, and the road itself is getting really rough. There is a regular mud hole on each side of the road on one part."

Mr. Dombroski said carriages and drays are driving off the road in one spot. The road will likely will be widened from 11 feet to 16 feet.

"Eventually, the entire Annex Road should be widened all the way through," he said.

He noted that some residents who live on or near the road may resent having the road widened because trees would have to be cut and the ambiance of the road could be compromised. But with continued development in the Stonecliffe subdivisions, "that's where the traffic is going," he said.

The committee agreed the entire road could use an upgrade, although some of it is owned by the Mackinac Island State Park Commission. Mayor Margaret Doud said the commission may be able to help with securing funding to repair the entire road.

Street Hockey Put on Hold

Jamie Bynoe's request to hold a street hockey tournament on Market Street Sunday, August 10, was denied by the committee, however, members agreed that the tournament could be held after Labor Day.

Mr. Bynoe proposed a tournament in the evening that would use a soft ball rather than a hockey puck.

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