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Objects to Hasty Decision on School Contract

To the Editor:

At the June school board meeting, a vote was hastily pushed through to extend the contract of Dr. Roger Schrock. This extension gives the superintendent a salary of $91,597.00 with a 3.5% annual raise, plus benefits for the next four years. Some 25 parents, faculty, and taxpayers were in attendance and objected to this hasty decision because a year is still remaining on Dr. Schrock's current contract. At the meeting, it was stated by (school board member] Jason St. Onge that for all the people in attendance that an equal number of people stayed home and watched Seinfeld because they are in support of Dr. Schrock and not wasting their evening at the school board meeting. I do not think parents care or would care more about Seinfeld reruns if they had an honest report on school affairs.

The morale of the school is suffering because of poor leadership. I have to say because of a strong and wonderful group of teachers and faculty, the children of Mackinac Island School are not feeling the effects from this lack of leadership. This extension of the superintendent's contract extends this leadership problem another four years. While demonstrating the board's mentality, being right and in power takes precedence over our children's education.

I would like to commend [school board members] Leanne Brodeur and Trish Martin for being approachable and willing to listen to not only my concerns over the extension of Dr. Schrock's contract but to also listen to several other parents with additional concerns. You are appreciated by the 25- plus parents, faculty, and taxpayers that attended.

I would also like to apologize to Leanne Brodeur for the unprofessional attack you suffered by your fellow board member Mr. St. Onge. I appreciate your fortitude to admit, after reconsideration, you felt you had made a mistake in agreeing to an extension of Dr. Schrock's contract at this time. Your motion to delay the board voting on the new contract at the June meeting was the right decision. With so many parents, faculty, and taxpayers objecting with concerns to present day economy, Dr. Schrock's performance, and the current morale of the school, I would think more board members would have supported you.

With the current economy in the State of Michigan and the financial difficulties many school districts are facing, this situation is an abomination. Lynda Hepker Mackinac Island

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