2008-08-16 / Letters

Shrock Offers Experienced Leadership

To the Editor:

Dr. Schrock does a great job managing the teachers and staff among personality conflicts in the shadows. I'm looking forward to working with Dr. Schrock in the coming years. I think he has done a wonderful job. We all seem to forget we're here for the kids and the education they need for the future.

We need strong, decisive action from our leaders, not bickering and belittling. We need stability and continuity in our government, not the fighting and constant blaming of the past. We need strong, experienced leadership, and he has done a great job managing the teachers and staff and educating the students.

And for those of us who feel comfortable and satisfied with Dr. Schrock the administrator, we can sit home, relax, and watch reruns of "Seinfeld." This is leadership we haven't seen in awhile. Sara D. Chambers, treasurer Mackinac Island Board of Education

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