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Incidents Increase for Island Police

Complaints and arrests on Mackinac Island were up in 2008, compared to 2007, according to a report by Police Chief Jim Marks, from 1,196 in 2007 to 1,492. The increase was, in part, owing to more aggressive enforcement of city ordinances and of an increase in new employees, owing to a decrease in returning foreign nationals under the H2B visa program.

Mr. Marks, who has been head of the Island department since September 2007, said incidents related to the city's sign and fire safety ordinances increased from seven in 2007 to 34 in 2008.

In his report, Mr. Marks states that "the Island workforce was different than previous years due to the reduction in the H2B visas. This brought to the island a lot of first-time workers who brought with them the party mentality."

The number of disorderly conduct incidents was up from 26 in 2007 to 49 in 2008, liquor violations increased from 25 to 38, and there were three cases of drunkenness in 2008, the first time such an activity was reported in at least three years.

Reports of minors in possession of alcohol increased from 29 to 51.

Total complaints for 2008 were 192, compared to 54 in 2007, with 27 arrests and 27 violation citations issued in 2008, compared with 11 arrests and 11 violation citations issued in 2007.

As usual, the most frequent criminal activity reported on the Island this year was larceny, with a total of 394 cases reported. Chief Marks said at least 75% of those cases involved stolen bicycles.

Larcenies in 2008 were the highest in four years, however. There were 362 in 2007, 356 in 2006, and 359 in 2005.

Other notably high activities for 2008 were disturbance of public peace, which increased from 26 to 49 this year; obstructing police (justice), from nine incidents to 27; assault and battery, which increased from 28 in 2007 to 49 in 2008, and suspicious situations, which increased from 27 to 67.

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