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Tamlyn's Comic Caters to B-Monster Flick Fans

Chris Tamlyn Chris Tamlyn Local artist Chris Tamlyn has helped create a new comic anthology, "Attack of the Monstrology," on which he served as a contributor and chief editor. The new book, which he pitched to producers at Ape Comics Entertainment, is targeted to readers who enjoy Saturday afternoon "creature feature" movies.

"I wanted to do something I was more familiar with," said the 27-year-old St. Ignace native. "The last anthology had something for everyone. This time, I wanted everything for one kind of person."

His illustrations for the short comic story, "Blinds," featured in last year's "Cereal and Pajamas" anthology, had caught Ape's attention, and the company had asked him what else he could create.

The 128-page anthology features nine comic stories written and drawn from teams around the world and selected by Mr. Tamlyn.

"That's what I like about it the most, that I got to hand-pick every team and every story," he said. "There are artists from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Udon - they wanted to be in this book. That's how I can say I'm proud to be a part of this."

Mr. Tamlyn draws caricatures for tourists in the Lilac Tree Hotel Mall for Eddie Renner's company, named Caricatures. This is his first stint as editor for a published book. He was the design coordinator for "Cereal and Pajamas."

His position this year allowed him to select the front cover of the book, working with Australian artist Jeff Cruz, who is working on the "Street Fighter II" video game franchise for Udon.

In "Monstrology," Mr. Tamlyn created a short story called "Dive, Dive, Die," that takes place on a submarine.

"It has an interesting twist with the good guy-bad guy concept," he said.

"Attack of Monstrology" will be in local bookstores for $19.99 at the end of October and can be pre-ordered online for $9.95, which includes a four-inch by six-inch sketch from one of the artists featured in the anthology.

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