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Clean Up After Pets, As Well as Keeping Them Leashed

To the Editor:

As a resident on Mackinac Island, I am very aware of the leash law being enforced. Of course, this became very critical after a dog fight that injured a couple of people.

Yes, dogs should be on a leash and, more important, [people] should also be responsible for cleaning up after their dogs when they relieve themselves on our lawns. I have seen two people who are very vocal about the leash law walk their dogs and not clean up.

Does it take someone slipping and injuring themselves to have this common-sense practice enforced?

I work for a hotel on Main Street and take care of the lawn and flowers, and I am really enraged that people who complain about others don't use their common sense to remove their dog droppings.

And while we are discussing the laws, remember, if a dog is in the yard (private property), the dog does not have to be on a leash. Maybe a sale of doggie bags would benefit the Island and raise money. Then we can worry about more important things like underage drinking, drug use, and bike theft. We need our police force to concentrate on these problems, too. Nancy Laferier Mackinac Island

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