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The weather was beautiful and the lilacs were blooming as the 60th Annual Lilac Parade Sunday, June 14, was led down Main Street by Island-born natives Don Andress and his brother, Carl Andress, on two prancing horses. Folks lined the street just to catch a glimpse of the lovely Lilac Queen, Michi Mullings, Lilac Princess Hannah Styburski, and their court. The bands were wonderful, and everyone was so happy to have the Pulaski Band from Wisconsin back for the festival. There were floats, decorated horses and bicycles, walking units, and clowns, including Dynamite. It wouldn't be a parade without him. The parade ended with the Scottville Band from Scottville, which is just great and so entertaining. Many people worked so hard to make the festival so special.

Folks walked in amazement as they viewed the many varieties of lilacs. In front of the Red House in the Mission, the lilacs are a deep purple, almost black, and by the marina, there is a beautiful bush loaded with blooms. You can see lilacs from Chambers corner on Market Street and up Cadotte Avenue, ranging from deep purple to double white, and the fragrance is absolutely wonderful.

Pam and Steve Cook of Traverse City have been staying on the Island over Lilac Festival parade weekend since 1999. The couple has a tradition of staying at Pontiac Lodge and finding at least one trail they have not walked before. "We love to see the trails," said Mrs. Cook. "It's so peaceful up there." Her husband, who used to live in St. Ignace working at the local radio station, agreed. "It's a great place to decompress," he said of the Island. Their goal is to become summer residents. Pam and Steve Cook of Traverse City have been staying on the Island over Lilac Festival parade weekend since 1999. The couple has a tradition of staying at Pontiac Lodge and finding at least one trail they have not walked before. "We love to see the trails," said Mrs. Cook. "It's so peaceful up there." Her husband, who used to live in St. Ignace working at the local radio station, agreed. "It's a great place to decompress," he said of the Island. Their goal is to become summer residents. There will be a memorial service for Mary Ellen Gillespie Thompson Wednesday, June 24, at 11 a.m. at Trinity Church. A luncheon will follow in the Community Hall.

We give a warm welcome to Michigan State Police Trooper Jeff Hunger and his family from Bay City. Trooper Hunger will be on the Mackinac detail for the summer months.

Happy birthday to Will Porter and Mona Carley June 19. Enjoy your day.

We extend deepest sympathy to Jerry Fenlon of St. Ignace and his family on the death of his father, Jack Fenlon, who passed away Tuesday, June 9.

The Little Jewel golf course is just like a green velvet carpet outlined with wildflowers, buttercups, and forget-menots. The views from the different holes are breathtaking, especially number 7, where you can see the Straits of Mackinac, with the Round Island Lighthouse in the distance.

The past week has been a very sad one on the Island, as we lost three members of our community. Saturday, June 13, at 11 a.m., Island-born Theresa Cadotte Howell and her husband were laid to rest in the Mackinac Island cemetery surrounded by family and friends. Theresa was the daughter of the late Frank and Cecelia Cadotte. I have fond memories of the family as Cecelia was a wonderful employee of the Windermere for many years when she was raising her family. Deacon Don Olmstead officiated. The Chapman, St. Onge, Dankowski Post 299 provided a military service. Deepest sympathy from Island friends.

Saturday, June 13, at 1 p.m., services were held at Ste. Anne's with Father Rey Garcia S.J. officiating, for Bertha Green, the oldest member of our community. Bertha will be greatly missed. She enjoyed Tuesday night bingo, the Christmas Bazaar, and making her beautiful braided rugs. She loved Mackinac, her home in Harrisonville, and her family. Ste. Anne's was filled with family and friends who paid their last respects to Bertha. She was laid to rest in the Mackinac Island cemetery. Deepest sympathy to the family from Island friends.

Monday, June 15, at 11 a.m., services were held at Ste. Anne's with Fr. Rey Garcia S.J. officiating for James Richard "Dickie" Bazinaw. Dickie was the son of the late James and Helen Bazinaw. Larry Parel, brother of Dickie, offered the eulogy as family and friends paid their last respects. Dickie worked many years for Gough's Livery. He was well known around Mackinac for his ability to play the spoons, inspiring Jason St. Onge to name his band Trickie Dickie and the Spoonmen. On a beautiful spring day, Dickie was laid to rest in the Mackinac Island cemetery. Deepest sympathy to the family from Island friends.

Happy birthday to Dr. Don Weersing June 20. Island friends send best wishes.

Happy anniversary to Steve and Patti Ann Moskwa June 16. Hope you had a wonderful day.

The Little Stone Church held its annual coffee hour at the parsonage Sunday, June 14. Friends gathered to greet folks who had just arrived on Mackinac for the summer. It's a fun event that everyone looks forward to.

Dennis and Peggy O'Keefe of LaSalle, Illinois, spent two days on Mackinac enjoying the beautiful lilacs. They are annual visitors to the Windermere and come several times during the season. They love relaxing on the porch, watching the traffic in the Straits of Mackinac. They always remember us each spring with a beautiful bouquet of lilacs from their yard in Illinois.

It is so nice to see George and Judith Goodman back on Mackinac. We give them a warm welcome.

Mike and Wendy Young of Frankenmuth spent the weekend at their lovely cottage on the West Bluff.

Dr. Fran and Lorna Straus of Chicago arrived Monday, June 15, to spend the summer at their lovely Pontiac Lookout cottage.

Dave and Karla Redman of Macomb spent the weekend visiting their son, Dominic, a full-time police officer with the Mackinac Island Police Department. They love to rollerblade and walk, so several times they went around the Island. They had a great time on Mackinac.

Happy birthday to Leo Horn, who celebrated June 16, and to his big brother, Tymon, who will celebrate his birthday June 20.

Margaret McIntire entertained her brother-in-law, Joe Abbey, of Traverse City during the lilac festivities.

Frank and Agnes Wood of Denmark, Wisconsin, entertained more than 40 family members and friends at Grand Hotel during the week of June 8. Frank, who was born and grew up in St. Ignace, always loves to come back to the area for a visit.

Kitty Bourisaw Schadel of Arcadia, New York, is spending several weeks at her home on Bourisaw Lane. She also is visiting her high-school classmate, Adrienne Coyne of St. Ignace. Happy birthday to Kitty June 24. Happy 51st wedding anniversary to Kitty and her husband, George, June 28.

Robert and Annette Gillespie have arrived back on Mackinac from their winter home in Arcadia, Florida. It's nice to have them back on the Island.

Rosie Charnes of Indianapolis, Indiana, and eight friends spent the weekend at the Windermere. They had a great time shopping, enjoying high tea at Grand Hotel, and celebrating Rosie's 80th birthday. Sunday, June 14, Jackie Abbett, Cinda Thompson, Barb Huge, Jane Harnishfeger, Lynn Phillips, Jessie Doud, Karri Phelan, and Chris Bittlemeyer wore specially decorated straw hats to surprise Rosie in honor of her 80th birthday. They brought wonderful coffee cake from Indianapolis for the occasion. Rosie looked great in her hat covered with flowers for this special celebration. This was the 10th anniversary of the group of ladies that Rosie's late husband, Duke, named "Mackinac Mommas." They left the Island Monday, June 15, after a wonderful weekend.

Happy anniversary to Gene and Mellie Hagenbaugh June 21. Have a wonderful day.

We give a warm welcome to Deacon Dean Hermann and his wife, Vicki, who moved to Mackinac Monday, June 15. Deacon Dean will assist Fr. Rey Garcia, S.J. at Ste. Anne's. Brother Jim Boynton, S.J. is visiting Mackinac for a week and is assisting the Hermanns with their move.

It was great to see my friend, Dennis Brodeur, enjoying the parade Sunday afternoon. It was nice to see him out.

We send best wishes to our good friend, Joseph "Snapper" Bazinaw, who is a patient at Northern Michigan Regional Hospital in Petoskey.

Happy birthday to Candy Smith June 27. Enjoy your day.

Joyce Chambers of Crivitz, Wisconsin, underwent shoulder surgery Tuesday, June 16. Mark, John, and Clara Chambers joined Nancy Chambers LaBorde and her husband, Jean, for the surgery. Best wishes from Island friends.

It truly is early summer now on Mackinac. The trees and lawns are so green and all the flowering shrubs are in full bloom. We are enjoying the birds as they sing their joyful songs each morning. At the Windermere Hotel, a robin is once again building a nest on the fire escape and the Windermere crew keep close track of her. In one of the big maple trees, a mourning dove has a nest and three little doves have arrived. The Windermere crew is anxiously awaiting the return of black-crowned night herons. Tim Horn and Candi Dunnigan have reported seeing and hearing a loon.

It is fascinating to watch nature. In the winter, we feed between 75 and 100 ducks a day. If we're late, they will come and tap on the patio door.

Jennifer Karhoff of Findlay, Ohio, is spending a week at her cottage on Bourisaw Lane. She is repainting and redecorating the Sugar Shack and the Hildreth House on French Lane. Her husband, David, and son, Lucas, are on a two-week outing with the Boy Scouts. Happy birthday June 23 to Jennifer's mother, Lois Griffin.

Welcome home to Toby Murray of Vermont, who is settled into his comfortable condominium in Lesley Court. It's great to have him back on Mackinac.

John and Beth Chambers enjoyed the weekend visiting the Jim Ball family and the Jim Chambers family.

Louie and Pat Leveille of St. Ignace enjoyed visiting and touring Grand Hotel Saturday afternoon, June 13. Louie really liked the wonderful display of handcrafted ships, which is with the Manoogian aerial photography collection.

Sunday evening, June 14, while sitting on a bench by the Town Crier office, I met two lovely young ladies, Kerri Molitor and Jane Alexander, who are the new summer interns for the Town Crier. They are both students at Michigan State University.

Tom and Nancy Clifton Cripe and Cindy Clifton of Indianapolis, Indiana, are visiting the Windermere Hotel. It's nice to have them back on Mackinac.

Congratulations to the winners of the lilac window display. First place went to La Galerie on Market Street, second place to May's Fudge on the corner of Astor and Main Street, and third place to the Birches on Market Street.

Mary K. McIntire left Mackinac Wednesday, June 17, and returned to Aspen, Colorado, where she is studying to become a registered nurse.

Marvin Lee May, a graduate of the University of Michigan in graphic design, is spending the summer on Mackinac assisting his family in May's Candy Shops. In the fall, he will attend The Art Institute of Chicago for his master's degree in art education. Heather May is also working in the candy shops. Heather, an accomplished musician in flute, performs for many weddings, the Mackinac Island Music Festival, the Little Stone Church, and at the summer concert series. Carolyn May is an assistant manager at Grand Hotel. Carolyn has a beautiful voice and performs for many weddings and concerts.

Enjoy the beautiful lilacs!

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