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Committees To Sell Condominium Unit

By Jane Alexander

The Finance, Streets and Sidewalks, and Public Safety committees, meeting together Wednesday, July 29, decided to continue to privately sell the city's apartment unit at Rowe Condominium. The city lowered the price of the unit from $300,000 to $298,900 at a June 17 meeting, and agreed to try to sell it independently for 30 days, after which time it would consider hiring a real estate agent. Now the committee will privately market the unit until mid- September. The city has received two inquiries so far.

All three committees share pretty much the same members, with Aldermen Armand Horn, Armin Porter, and Jason St. Onge serving on the Public Safety and the Streets and Sidewalks committees and Alderman Mike Hart and Messrs. St. Onge and Horn serving on the Finance Committee.

Committee members also discussed the ongoing problem of bicycle rental businesses conducting operations on sidewalks and streets.

Resident Mary Dufina was present at the meeting and expressed concern about traffic hazards caused by Mackinac Bike Shop on Cross Street between Hoban Street and French Lane behind the Lake View Hotel.

"It's really a concern," she said, "because when a horsedrawn vehicle has to stop and wait to get in there, which means they have to wait for somebody to move those bikes -- today it was a tourist, the guy that was going to rent the bikes, I guess, that finally moved them -- they moved them a little bit out of the way, so as the luggage dray is waiting to turn in there, then there's a taxi coming up the other way and one right behind them, and that blocks off that Hoban Street, and it's better if it keeps moving on Hoban Street, because it's narrow, too."

The committee agreed to recommend that the city council write memos to bicycle rental companies warning them that if they do not stop conducting business in the street, they will be ticketed.

The committee also will recommend to the city council that it increase the city's fine arts insurance from $100,000 to $150,000. This would cover artwork in city buildings and artifacts in the Stuart House Museum. This insurance is separate from the $10 million in general liability coverage the city receives. The suggestion to increase the fine arts insurance was inspired by a temporary rider added to the policy in a June 17 city council meeting for the "Pulling Their Weight: Draft and Carriage Horses in Fine Art" show at the library.

The committee also discussed the replacement of an area of fence at Mission Point Resort, on Truscott Street. The fence had been broken in a carriage accident two years ago and has not yet been repaired.

Building inspector Dennis Dombroski said there has been some confusion at Mission Point Resort about whether the fence is the city's responsibility to repair. Mr. Dombroski said the responsibility of repairing or replacing the fence belongs to Mission Point Resort, and the issue is between the resort and the carriage company that crashed into the fence.

Committee member Mike Hart agreed.

"A private company smashed into a private fence. The fence is there to protect one of the companies involved here; it would be in their interest to get the thing fixed as soon as possible to protect themselves from a lawsuit," he said.

The city will write a letter to Mission Point Resort, explaining that the fence is the resort's responsibility and must be repaired.

Also discussed at the meeting was the selling of the police department's 1993 vehicle, stored in St. Ignace. The Public Safety Committee agreed to put the vehicle up for sale during a meeting July 1, but members said they forgot to do so and now plan to put it up for sale Friday, July 31. The committee discussed creating a special fund for police department vehicle replacement and repair, into which it could put the money from the sale of the vehicle, but took no action.

The police department owns three vehicles, a 2009 Ford Explorer presently in use and brought to the Island July 1, a 2002 Explorer, stored on the Island, and the 1993 vehicle. The idea of selling the 2002 vehicle was discussed at the July 1 streets and public safety meeting, but was tabled until the fall.

The committee also learned that nature signs are to be installed on Dennany Trail in Great Turtle Park. The sign posts were provided by the state park and the city is responsible for installing the signs.

The committee requested the police department cite a new real estate business with a civil infraction because it has not applied for a business license. The city sent the business owners a letter, but has not received an application for the license.

The committee also discussed looking into the condition of Bourisaw Lane. The lane is cement, not asphalt, and in need of repair. The committee also plans to alert the state park to the condition of the state park's portion of Cadotte Avenue north of Harrisonville.

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