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Island Changes Are Shocking

To the Editor:

I just have to respond to some very disturbing news. I just cannot believe that there would be a question as to razing the McNally cottage. Who would do this or let it happen? It almost sounds criminal. I subscribe to the Town Crier and have for many years visited, as a child growing up and then through my adult years, and have passed the love of the Island down into our family's generations. I have to agree with so many of the Letters to the Editor about the absolute threat to the magical memories that the Island provides. Last spring (2008), I brought my three-year-old daughter to the Island for lilac time, our "girls weekend." I was shocked to see a Starbucks on the Island. I felt like getting spray paint and putting no, no, no, all over it. It is so wrong. What's next?

It's crazy what is being done. Yes, the Island is getting ruined, or should I say, is ruined. The thought of closing the lake view across from McNally's is another gasp.

The sad thing, too, is the other letters written about the Island losing its magic. You have these poor people writing about the Starbucks and the home being built next to the stone church. Those poor suckers with a heart, writing the editor, hoping to possibly get their letter read by the powers that be.

What it always comes down to in this world is not fairness, or justice. It's greed and power, and all its many divisions therein. Selfishness. Really, what do these people care about? Money. Very few actually live on the Island and those who use it as their summer home don't really care, because they don't really live there. It's a money maker for them. Some of these issues also stem from that "good old boy" mentality, too. It all is so sad. Get it together, folks. You are pushing your "money makers" away.
Leah Richardson

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