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‘Progress’ Must Be Stopped

To the Editor:

We are in agreement with Mr. Potulsky's letter [Letters, October 10, 2009]. We, too, have always come to the Island once a year, sometimes twice a year. The first time I came was in 1967. We stayed at the lovely McNally Cottage. Please don't let anyone tear it down!

If things don't change, I can visualize it all: Horses gone, replaced with cars. How did they get there? Why, of course, a bridge from St. Ignace to the Island, called the Island Bridge. Parking meters will replace bicycles along the street. "Mc Donalds at the Marina" will be the new fast food place. Let's put a Walmart where the Fort stood. Oh, and get rid of those old fudge shops -- a couple of De Brands Chocolate stores will just be fine. We will need two or three Dairy Queen stores for ice cream. The horse will not be forgotten. One can purchase a McBuggy Burger.

I also thought the house next to the Little Stone Church was wrong. The new house blocks the view of the church. If action is not taken to halt further "progress" on the Island, we will not be coming anymore.
Dan and Barb Long
South Whitley, Indiana

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