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Timeline: Mackinac Island Meetings and Actions at a Glance

The following timeline shows the progress of several issues facing Mackinac Island.

• Master Plan Committee

Most recent meeting August 25, working on buildout potential for Harrisonville. Master Plan has been at the committee level for five years. The plan was last revised 10 years ago, August 4, 1999. The state requires the plan to be revised every five years. No future meetings are scheduled.

• Historic Study Committee

September 15: First meeting

October 14: Second meeting lacked quorum

No further meetings have been scheduled.

• Historic District Ordinance

September 22: Experts speak on historic districts in joint council and planning commission meeting

September 23: Ordinance introduced at council

September 30: Public hearing

October 14: Second public hearing

October 21: Ordinance adopted by council to allow the city to designate local historic districts if it chooses.

December 9: Public Hearing held on Hubbard's Annex application to become a local historic district, which would make it the Island's first local historic district under the Historic Historic Ordinance. The City Council supported the application and is expected to adopt it soon.

• Ordinance Committee

August 25: Master Plan Committee requests lot size change in Harrisonville to 10,000 square feet for new sites to accommodate septic systems. No meeting has been set on this issue.

October 7: Council requests committee consider establishing a wind turbine ordinance. No meeting has been set on this issue.

October 9: Council requests committee change city's cemetery ordinance to reflect names of two Island cemeteries, Mackinac Island and St. Ann's. No meeting has been set on this issue.

• McNally Cottage

September 8: Proposed hotel/retail complex and demolition or relocation of McNally Cottage presented to Planning Commission

October 13: Proposed hotel/retail complex approved by Planning Commission for McNally Cottage property

November 3: Permit issued for demolition/relocation of McNally Cottage

November 18: In a letter to the city, the Save Our Island group requests a demolition moratorium be put in place by council to prevent demolition of McNally Cottage. Group offered $10,000 to cover legal expenses if city is sued over moratorium. No action was taken.

December 2: In a letter to the city, McNally owners contend a moratorium placed only on the house would be selective, unfair, and possibly illegal. No discussion took place at the City Council level.

• Transportation Committee

October 6: Committee met with boat line representatives to discuss schedules and city's regulatory authority over the franchises.

November 4: Committee met in closed session with attorneys to discuss legal options as rumors of a boat line merger continue.

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