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Why I Finally Subscribed To the Town Crier

To the Editor:

This weekly paper puts many big city dailies to shame. Your writers can construct an intelligible sentence. They understand such basic concepts as "who, what, where, and when.” In other words, you have a very well-written paper. It is well worth the small price asked for the online edition, which suits my needs very well.

If I had my druthers, I would live on Mackinac Island. It is the closest thing to paradise I have found. Friendly people are the key reason I like your place. The lack of big city worries and the lack of automobiles are major assets, to my way of thinking. It also helps to have a local paper that is concerned with covering events and people and is not just interested in blood and gore. Perhaps the key ingredient is Jeannette Doud's column. Every small town paper had a column like this up until "modern sensibilities" declared this too old-fashioned and hokie. I know most of the Island folk from Mrs. Doud's column, not from meeting them.

All of you, keep up the good work.

Jim Fahlstedt
Reidsville, North Carolina

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