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Six Mackinac Island Students To Earn Diplomas in Class of 2010

Commencement Is Friday, May 28
By Allison Knopp

Mackinac Island Public School's Class of 2010. The six seniors will participate in commencement Friday, May 28. Pictured (from left) are Thomas Rilenge, Tymon Horn, Paul Fisher, Jane Finkel, Holly Leedke, and Shelbie Mosley. Mackinac Island Public School's Class of 2010. The six seniors will participate in commencement Friday, May 28. Pictured (from left) are Thomas Rilenge, Tymon Horn, Paul Fisher, Jane Finkel, Holly Leedke, and Shelbie Mosley. Mackinac Island Public School will be graduating six seniors Friday, May 28, at 7 p.m. Here, each senior has shared plans for the future and reflected on memories from the past.

Jane Finkel

Jane Finkel has attended Mackinac Island Public School since preschool. During her junior year, she was an exchange student in southern France through the Youth for Understanding program.

“I was about as far south as you can go, about 20 minutes from Spain,” she said. “It was a lot different weather than we have here.”

Miss Finkel stayed with a host family and became fluent in French, even though she embarked on her journey with no knowledge of the language. She attended a high school and an art school where she studied film and movies.

Jane Finkel Jane Finkel “I didn't have any math or science. That was really nice,” she said. “But that just meant I had to extra catch up this year.”

Miss Finkel said her fondest memories of school are the fall openings when everyone comes back to school and sees other students they hadn't seen much in the summer.

“It's what makes you excited to go back to school,” she said.

She enjoys the fact that each student has such a great impact on the school because there are so few of them.

“You have a big voice in anything you want to do,” she said.

Miss Finkel has participated in track, soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Basketball was her favorite sport. She also has worked on the Island at the old Marine Supply, now Mackinac Outfitters, as a videographer for weddings, and has recently started working at Millie's on Main.

Paul Fisher Paul Fisher She is a self-taught musician and experiments with singing, drums, guitar, piano, and, most recently, the ukulele. Her favorite musical artist is Bon Iver.

Miss Finkel plans to study photography and French at Albion College in the fall. She would like to find a career that allows her to use all of her skills.

“I would maybe like to be an art teacher in France ,” she said. She is also interested in working as a freelance photographer.

She is both anxious and excited about leaving high school and being on her own.

“I am really excited to just kind of move on and become an adult,” she said. “I am really excited to meet new, interesting, intelligent, artistic people. I am really hoping that's who I am going to meet in college. I am just excited to meet people that have experienced bigger things than I have.”

Tymon Horn Tymon Horn Her advice to the younger students is to keep up their good grades and enjoy school because it passes faster than they may think.

She said her biggest accomplishment was becoming bilingual and she was really proud when she hit the point that she could understand and be understood in French. She said her biggest role models are her parents because they have each contributed parts of their personality to her own. She is the daughter of Lee Finkel and Pam Finkel.

Miss Finkel has a brother, Tyler, 21, and a cat, Topper.

Paul Fisher

Paul Fisher has lived and gone to school on Mackinac Island his whole life. He said his fondest memories of school on the Island are the experiences he had playing sports. Mr. Fisher played basketball, soccer, and golf. His favorite sport is golf .

Holly Leedke Holly Leedke He also enjoyed the senior class week-long trip to the Bahamas.

“We started doing fundraising for it in the seventh grade,” he said.

His favorite class in school was shop class.

Mr. Fisher plans to attend Lake Superior State University in the fall to study in the wildlife and fishery management program. He hopes to eventually work for the Department of Natural Resources or with fish hatcheries.

Mr. Fisher spends a lot of his free time outdoors, hunting, fishing, and playing sports. He also has a job at Grand Hotel golf course.

His advice to students in the younger classes is, “Actually do your homework, it catches up with you.”

Mr. Fisher said his biggest accomplishment is graduating and his role model is his mother, who is the secretary at Mackinac Island Public School.

Shelbie Mosley Shelbie Mosley “She does a lot for the school,” he said.

Mr. Fisher has a brother, Adam, a sister, Heather, and a dog, Bear. He is the son of John and Barb Fisher.

Tymon Horn

Tymon Horn said his fondest memory of school was being able to play sports, because he may not have had that opportunity at another school.

Mr. Horn said one of the benefits of attending Mackinac Island Public School for so long was the one-on-one attention from teachers.

“You're not just in the crowd,” he said. “They actually care about you.”

His favorite subjects in school were environmental science and chemistry.

He plans to attend either Albion College or Michigan State University to study athletic training or pre-medicine.

Mr. Horn played basketball, soccer, and golf for Mackinac Island School, but had to take some time off last year because of an injury. He also works at Mackinac Wheels as a “bike mechanic extrordinare.”

Thomas Rilenge Thomas Rilenge Mr. Horn enjoys road biking, hunting, fishing, boating, and spending time with his friends.

One thing that sets him apart from the people who don't live on the Island is how well he knows the area.

“I know this place like the back of my hand,” he said.

He is satisfied with his grades and his biggest accomplishment is to be graduating. He said his parents have had a big impact on him.

Mr. Horn has a younger brother, Leo, who is a freshman at the school, and a half-sister, Kristen, 24. He is the son of Tim and Margaret Horn.

Holly Leedke Holly Leedke's senior year is her second school year at Mackinac Island Public School after she moved here from Plymouth, Indiana.

She can't pick out a single favorite memory of her time in school here, she said, because there are so many good ones.

“Just my friends. The friends I have made here are great,” Miss Leedke said.

School on the Island is different from her previous school, she noted.

“It is a different environment. Everyone is very close here,” she said.

She plans to attend Central Michigan University in the fall to study psychology.

Miss Leedke played basketball and golf while going to school on Mackinac Island and she played tennis at her school in Indiana, which she says was “her sport.”

“I was really good at tennis. It was sad to leave it,” she said.

Miss Leedke said she spends a lot of time with friends and family. Miss Leedke is a fan of music and her favorite band is Brand New.

Her favorite class in school was art and her advice to younger students is, “Don't get behind on your work, and stay concentrated.”

She said that her biggest accomplishment has been her ability to adapt to new situations and places after each move her family made.

Miss Leedke looks up to her father as her role model because of how hard he has worked in his career.

“He worked his way up the hotel ladder and now he is top dog,” she said. “It was a lot of really hard work and that was influential.”

Miss Leedke has an older brother, DJ, and three dogs, Mickey, Paris, and Daisy. She is the daughter of Doug and Carol Leedke.

Shelbie Mosley

Shelbie Mosley split her time this year with dual enrollment at the Mackinac Island school and at North Central Michigan College. She said that dual enrollment was a good experience for her because she got to see what school was like on and off the Island.

“The class was so big, the teacher didn't know my name and that, to me, was weird because the teacher knows everybody here,” she said. “It is not as personal” elsewhere.

Miss Mosley said that she has many great memories about going to school on the Island but her favorites are from her time playing sports.

In the fall, she will be moving to Findlay, Ohio, to attend the University of Findlay. She will be in the pre-veterinarian program for large animals.

“Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to be a vet,” she said. Her father is the manager at Grand Hotel stable and she spends a lot of her free time with the horses.

She said she is anxious about leaving because it is going to be different but she is excited about starting something new.

Miss Mosley participated in volleyball, basketball, soccer, and track at Mackinac Island Public School. Soccer is her favorite and she will be trying out for her college team.

Miss Mosley works for the police station and will also be working at Cannonball Drive-in this summer.

She said unlike many people, she knows what the Island looks like in the winter time.

Miss Mosley's favorite song is “Smile,” by Uncle Kracker. Her favorite subject in school was sociology.

Her advice to students is, “focus and get it done, because in the long run it's worth it.”

She said her biggest accomplishment is getting into the preveterinarian program. She said she looks up to a lot of people but her family has had the biggest impact on her.

Miss Mosley has four brothers, Ben, 22, Albert, 7, Xavier, 6, Guyil, 5, and two sisters Karlena, 20, and Shay, 19. She has five dogs, Tucker, Precious, Lacey, Schnook, and Ellie as well as a duck, Hide, and a ferret, Oliver. She is the daughter of Ben and Louann Mosley.

Thomas Rilenge Thomas Rilenge moved to the Island from Indianapolis when he was in the sixth grade.

Mr. Rilenge said his favorite thing about going to school on the Island is the size of the school and how easily he came to know everybody.

“I like the environment of a small school. I got to do more than in big classes and it was easier to learn,” he said.

After graduation, he plans to attend Trine University in Angola, Indiana, to study civil engineering.

Mr. Rilenge played soccer, basketball, and golf. He has a job as a dock porter.

In his free time Mr. Rilenge said he likes to “chill and sit in the park.”

Mr. Rilenge said he is most proud of himself for being graduated from high school and his role model is his father.

He has a sister, Adrienne, 14, and two dogs, Pine Cone and Bon Bon. He is the son of Steve and Julie Rilenge.

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