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Use Common Sense in Historic District

To the Editor:

Something occurred to me after reading the article about the shed that the Straus’ would like to repair/replace.

Has anyone else had the thought that just because a structure happens to be located within a “historic” district, that doesn’t necessarily mean that structure is of any historic significance? I imagine our forefathers are having a good laugh: “Remember that old shed we built behind the house? It’s rotting away, but the new people are afraid to just tear it down; build a new one. Something about being historical. Ha ha ha!”

I hope that the historic preservation commission will deal with such issues with a healthy dose of common sense.

Cathy Arbib

Mackinac Island

Editor’s Note: The Town Crier brought this point to Amy Arnold, a preservation planner with the State Historic Preservation Office, for clarification, and she replied: Under the Secretary of Interior Standards for Rehabilitation, the idea is to make a historic building livable for today, but still retaining as much of the historic integrity and material as possible. Looking at this shed, it’s at the back of the building and it’s not a significant feature, so this might be an appropriate place to consider compromise.

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