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Michigan Politics

Allen a ‘Must-hire’ Power Behind Lansing Leaders

Over the decades, many Up North politicians have had powerful roles in all three branches of state government.  There was the brief flash of 1911-12 feisty Republican Governor Chase S. Osborn of Sault Ste. More...


Perfect Mackinac weather prevailed during the past week, with bright sunny days and cool nights. Tourists have been enjoying biking, horseback riding, and taking advantage of sales at many of the shops. More...


Twenty Years Later: Erin McKay Is A Genuine Equestrian

One of the most interesting and genuine equestrians I’ve been introduced to is a young woman I met this summer on Mackinac Island. More...

Maintaining Your Health on Mackinac

How Important Are Vitamins, Supplements, and Antioxidants?

Many folks believe that adding vitamins to their food intake will increase their energy. When asked to define a vitamin, the answers tend toward ambiguity. More...

Nature Notes

Butterfly Metamorphosis: Caterpillar Crawling To Fluttering Flight

What is it about butterflies that seems to fascinate us? Is it their ability to fly, their beautiful colors, their apparent delicacy, or their metamorphosis from one stage to another? More...

A Look at History

President Taft Visits One of America’s Largest Power Plants

Soo Power Plant   More...

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