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Islanders Have Many Reasons To Count Their Blessings

To the Editor:

In the last year or so, many people have commented both here and online how Mackinac Island is “ruined,” or “wrecked,” or the more disparaging, “Glad I don’t live there anymore.” Most of these comments are written by those who don’t live here and those who never have.

I am glad to report that some, or I hope most, still love it here. While we understand that change is not always good, we also love and embrace the Island we chose to live on and seemingly take the change in stride.

Regardless of whether the merits of change were perceived as good or bad, or in a manner consistent with our ideology of Island living, there are still reasons that I, for one, feel blessed to live here and call this Island my home.

Regardless of how you feel about the boat lines or McNally Cottage, the 400 or so souls who still call this place home have a lot to be thankful for, and I, for one, take offense to it being referred to as anything but beautiful. Certainly some changes have warranted heartache, but show me a town that hasn’t had to endure change or progression. In the meantime, I will look at the following and continue to count my blessings, as I am thankful to live in this town and I love:

The noon siren.

The fact that we have great sunrises and sunsets.

That most Islanders have a favorite freighter.

Puttkammers Corner.

“Taps” being played from the ramparts of Fort Mackinac.

Knowing that Jamie Bynoe is always in a good mood.

The highest collection of characters per capita live right here.

No matter what your personal struggle or ailment, Candy Smith is pulling for you.

Arnold Line’s Huron. Yes, she’s slow, but dependable.

Pointe Aux Pins.

Certainly, some of these aren’t unique to our little Island, but collectively they comprise the reasons we live here, and for this, we’re a lucky bunch.

Jason St. Onge

Mackinac Island

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