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Lack of Cars Makes Mackinac Island Unique

To the Editor:

In response to Jim Dieleman’s letter concerning “Mackinac Island, A Unique Destination?” (June 9), how could you miss one of the most important differences? Mackinaw City, although certainly charming in a unique way, has cars, while Mackinac Island has horses and bikes! This simple difference means everything! As the ferry gets close, one is instantly and powerfully transported to a time of our ancestors. Even in the bustle of activity, there is a quiet that only an absence of cars can create. The clip-clop of the horses is incomparably charming and affecting, and is a sound for which I yearn long after I have returned home. Using bikes and traveling on foot bring instant relaxation, and a feeling of kinship with all those who have lived before. With the incomparable beauty of land and lakes, Mackinac Island is an unmistakably magical place that touches one to the core, and to which one always yearns to return.

Marcia Manfredi

Hartsdale, New York

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Nicely said...the kinship

Nicely said...the kinship lives on.
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