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Property Owners Should Vote on the Formation of District

To the Editor:

Please enter into the record of survey the following, as I am an owner of a building in the proposed West End Historic District on Mackinac Island:

I believe in preserving the architectural style of homes built during the period of time surrounding 1900 on Mackinac Island, as witnessed by the renovations and reconstruction I have been involved in with our family cottages.

I do not believe tourists come to Mackinac Island to view homes that were constructed around the turn of the century that have additions or renovations of a different architectural design, including different materials or semidetached additions.

I believe the “specific standard” to be used to determine any renovation or improvement of a building in a proposed Historic District should be set forth on paper and mailed to the owners of property in the proposed district for review and consent prior to the formation of the Historic District.

I believe in the “flexible interpretation of standards” used by the Mackinac Island State Park Commission for renovations and improvements if the West End of the downtown area becomes a Historic District on Mackinac Island.

I believe, as has been done in numerous communities throughout the country, the formation of a Historic District should be done with the approval of a vote of the property owners within the proposed Historic District. This precedent has been followed, in theory, with the current Historic District in the Annex area of Mackinac Island.

I believe changes to the current classification of my property included in the proposed West End Historic District would change the value of my property.

Douglas Rearick

Mackinac Island

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