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Should Island Have Two Historic Districts? Yes

To the Editor:

In answer to the question whether the center of Mackinac Island should have two historic districts, which would maintain the architectural continuity in keeping with the time of its construction and the horse culture, YES. Having our local historic commission review and approve proposed exterior appearance changes does not inhibit property use changes and keeps continuity in façade appearances to maintain the historical ambiance of the City’s streets. It also limits demolition and supports the maintenance of older buildings. The formation of these two Historic Districts should be an Island decision through the City Council, not a decision made by the current property owners within the limits of the Districts. We all want to maintain the spirit of Mackinac Island as it is, and as it was in the late 19th and early 20th century. It needs to be maintained for all current Island residents and visitors and for future generations of residents and visitors.

Francis H. Straus II

Hubbard’s Annex

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