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Bean, Horn Named Mackinac Island Homecoming Royalty

By Erich T. Doerr

Mackinac Island’s homecoming king and queen, Leo Horn and Hailey Bean, pose after being crowned at a basketball game Friday night, February 1. Both are seniors at the school. Mackinac Island’s homecoming king and queen, Leo Horn and Hailey Bean, pose after being crowned at a basketball game Friday night, February 1. Both are seniors at the school. For a small school, the Mackinac Island student body put forth a big show of support for school and team spirit during Spirit Week, the last week of January.

High school students participated in various activities and themed dress up days, with students divided into small teams instead of by grade.

The teams were decided by drawing names out of a hat. According to 15-year-old freshman Peyton Waaso, teams participated against each other in lighthearted events such as “hot shot” basketball and a catapult building contest designed to launch eggs into a basket.

“I like it,” Peyton said. “My favorite part is probably the events. They are really fun.”

Collin Armstrong, an 18- year-old senior, noted Spirit Week is a great chance for him to get to know students other than those in his grade. He said normally there isn’t much of a chance to interact with the younger students outside of lunch and sports.

“It’s a great way for our school to connect,” Collin said.

Collin added his favorite part of the week was a word trivia contest where students had to describe a word to their teammates in hopes they would guess it.

“It got progressively more challenging but it was pretty comical,” Collin said.

Throughout the week teams had a chance to earn points by taking part in both the activities and dress up days that included a professional sports theme on Monday, a holiday theme on Wednesday, and a blue-andwhite day on Friday to celebrate the school’s colors.

“This was the easiest day by far,” Collin said Friday.

Spirit Week ended Friday with a pep assembly full of activities leading into the evening’s homecoming boys and girls basketball games against the Lakers’ rivals from Beaver Island. The pep assembly was baseball themed and featured a wacky interpretation of the game that included students running around the bases trying to create a “hot dog” using a bean bag chair bun and eraser toppings, filling “a bag of popcorn” with yellow plastic balls, and scrambling around picking up wads of paper. Later the district showed a humorous take on “how our coaches prepare for their games” with students acting as their hands for tasks such as brushing their teeth and hair, eating a banana, shaving, drinking water, and putting on makeup.

The pep assembly also saw the debut of the school’s mascot. Student Sierra Kompsi wore the homemade costume that resembled a blue anchor adorned with the names and numbers of the school’s basketball players. The assembly was attended by all of the school’s students.

Because of its size, Mackinac Island has an unusual format for choosing its homecoming king and queen. Juniors and seniors are eligible for both honors, although juniors who win it aren’t eligible to run again the following year. This year’s king and queen were seniors Leo Horn and Hailey Bean.

The activities weren’t just for Mackinac Island students as the visitors from Beaver Island also got in on the fun by voting for the winners of a bulletin board contest Friday. The week concluded with a dance for students from both schools.

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