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Michigan Politics

Dark Money Fuels Michigan Political Campaigns

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”  —The Wizard of Oz   More...

Maintaining Your Health on Mackinac

Poison Ivy: A Natural Biological Hazard

Summer is in full bloom. As spring sprang slowly into summer, the foliage and flora followed, likewise turning the land from scrawny to lush. More...

A Look at History

Experiments and Observations on Mackinac Island

Here on Mackinac Island, first on Market Street and then atop the hill inside the walls of Fort Mackinac, took place one of the most significant events of medical history. A teenaged (about 18 years of age) fur trader, Alexis St. More...


The weekend weather for the Fourth of July was picture perfect, with blue skies and warm temperatures. People came from far and near to celebrate our nation’s birthday on Mackinac Island. More...

Horse Tales

Horse Chestnuts: Found on Most Breeds and Can Be Used for Identification

“Horse chestnut.” The word usually makes one think of a type of tree, which is often called a “buckeye.” Or it is possible that you thought someone was referring to the rich, reddish brown and golden hues in coloring on horses More...

Nature Notes

Mackinac Island’s Squawroot Is Common in Deciduous or Mixed Woods

In mid-June I received an email from a friend with a photograph of something that she had seen growing in the woods near her house. More...

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