2014-06-14 / News

Commission OKs Remodeling

A zoning permit to remodel a single-family residence in Harrisonville was approved by the Planning Commission Tuesday, June 10, pending a 35-foot height compliance. The submitted site plan did not specify the height, which is restricted by zoning.

James and Deidre Frollo own the property on Cadotte Avenue, near Seventh Street. The renovation of the unoccupied structure will use the same footprint. M.P. Gamble Construction is the contractor.

The commission approved a new porch for a single-family residence in Harrisonville owned by Ryba’s Properties Corporation, and M.P. Gamble Construction is the contractor. The new covered front porch and deck will be 20 feet long and eight feet wide. Other repair work, such as shoring a nearby retaining wall, will also be done.

A shed was approved for the Randazzo residence at Stonebrook. The structure will be a two-story carriage barn used for storage. The approved plan includes changes the commission approved in 2009, including a lessened site grade and removal of a second set of doors. M.P. Gamble is the contractor.

A renovated stairway at Dan and Diane Shea’s property in Hubbard’s Annex was approved, pending Historic District Commission approval. The project includes widening and lengthening an existing exterior stairwell. Mike Gamble, the contractor, explained the change would add a landing onto which the existing door would open and decreases the height of each step.

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