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Make People Aware of Traffic Rules

To the Editor:

This letter is being written in response to an article published in the August 23 to August 29 issue of the Mackinac Island Town Crier entitled “Fender to Fender: A Look at Downtown Traffic.”

We arrived on Mackinac Island Sunday, August 10, and witnessed many of the bicycle and pedestrian problems. The drivers of the carriages and drays were the only ones who seemed to know what was going on. Kudos to them. The number of pedestrians with strollers that were walking in the street instead of on empty sidewalks amazed me. The bike rental by the ferry docks unloading masses of people created some of the worst problems we saw. People were renting add-on child bikes and putting them on and adjusting them in the middle of the road instead of by the bike shop on the sidewalk, which was overloaded with bikes preparing to ride, leaving pedestrians nowhere to pass. The bike rentals need improvement. We also witnessed several bicycles being ridden and walked down sidewalks. Going around Mackinac Island, we noticed numerous groups stopping on the road instead of getting off on the side. The lack of the Arnold dock bringing passengers is a great loss, and we agree that with both docks unloading in such a small area, it’s creating a major problem. We do, however, have a suggestion. Would it be possible for the ferries to run through a script about riding on the right side of the road and parking and stopping bikes in designated areas, and also walking on the sidewalks, not the road, and reminding people that the horse is king?

We love Mackinac Island. The horses seem to be getting crowded out, which would be a travesty. People need to be made more aware of the rules.

Brian and Brenda Coleman

Lake City, Minnesota

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