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Los Angeles Band ‘Finkel’ Is Releasing First Project This Summer

By Jacob A. Ball

Jane and Brian Spencer at their home in Los Angeles. (Photograph by Ellyn Jameson) Jane and Brian Spencer at their home in Los Angeles. (Photograph by Ellyn Jameson) A new Los Angeles-based band with roots on Mackinac Island will release a series of singles and music videos this summer. With a soulful, electronic style, “Finkel” is the evolution of summer concerts on Mackinac Island by Jane and Brian Spencer and their the band, “Less is More.” Jane Spencer was graduated in 2010 from Mackinac Island High School and is the daughter of Lee Finkel and Pam Finkel. Brian Spencer is from East Lansing. They both attended Albion College.

Heavily driven by beats and melody, the band uses vintage synthesizers, drum machines, and acoustic drums and guitar to produce a 1980s pop sound, with influences from R&B, classic rock, and jazz. The new project is different from the music they have played in the past, but it is based on the same form.

The pair strives for a full sensory experience that includes visual art and music. Each single released this year will have an accompanying animated video, produced by a different artist for each song.

The peaceful nature of Mackinac Island winters provided the founda- tion for Mrs. Spencer’s development as an artist. She said the Island provides an opportunity for people to devote themselves to their passions.

“There are fewer distraction, so you really have time to dive into whatever interests you,” she said.

Musical performances at the school taught her that anyone could master a craft if they work hard enough. She hopes other students on the Island will take advantage of their surroundings and find what they are enthusiastic about, too.

The pair often pays homage to their family history in their work. The Spencers moved to Los Angeles in February and work out of their studio, Olive and Knüt, named after their grandparents. The studio specializes in custom designs and illustrations that have been featured on album covers, band merchandise, and even kombucha bottles. After working on designs for other bands, they decided to work on this project of their own.

The Spencers began playing music together as part of an a cappella group at their alma mater, Albion College. Their collaboration continued with their first band, “Less is More,” that played at college house parties and multiple venues on Mackinac Island. Finkel will not make their debut on Mackinac Island this summer, as the couple will be busy working on getting the singles released. Mr. Spencer said they hope to be able to perform for the community next year.

Their first single, “w/o,” with a video animated by Finnish artist Sanni Lahtinen, was to be released on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube Sunday, May 11. Additional singles will be released in July and September.

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